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All predictions sports betting of the moment

by Asad Bondi
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Are you a sports fan and do you enjoy betting? Would you like to know how to make your coupons more profitable? Here is the guide for you. We will provide you with technical, detailed and strategic information for sports betting predictions in Italy that can increase your chances of winning.

What are betting tips

In the world of betting and in particular in the world of football betting, there is now such a large number of types of bets that it could be difficult to navigate, especially for those who are now approaching online odds. Having so many markets available, however, not only leads to greater fun but is what will allow you to create your strategies as soon as you get a little carried away.

We are here to play the part of the ferryman: we will guide you through the offers of the best betting sites with our betting tips. By betting tips we mean all the useful information to understand markets, odds and percentage realization of a prediction . In this way, you can decide when to risk a play or lean towards a more certain action plan.

Prepare a winning prediction

Let’s move on to the practice: how to make sports betting predictions that turn into winning cards? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula but we have said that we are here to provide you with reliable advice for choosing the right strategies and beating the trader. So, we have compiled 5 steps necessary to realize your possible winning predictions in Italy.

As you can see, making sports betting predictions is within everyone’s reach. It is through knowledge of sports, teams and markets, and experience in the game that you will be able to achieve your goal of playing winning bills on the best football betting sites . And don’t forget that bonuses and promotions also play their part in allowing you to have a smaller loss (cashback) or a bigger win (multiple bonus and higher odds). So, also pay attention to this type of offer when choosing the operator to rely on.

Because we offer free predictions

So far we have provided you with our betting tips and we would like to point out one thing: we make free predictions and they always will be . With this Facebook-like statement, we want to assure you that we do not and will not require money or compensation to access the predictions or other sections of the site connected to them. Why do we do it?

This is our mission . To which must be added a good dose of passion and fun, two essential ingredients to do any job well, including that on betting predictions. Now you know not only what we do but why we do it and why we want to do it in the best way.

The most common types

Let’s not lose our focus and get back to the heart of the action by taking care of which are the most popular markets on which you bet . By markets we mean the type of bet that the various bookmakers offer in relation to a race. These can relate to results, outcomes, scoring, events within a match or the players themselves. Remember that the bookies we offer are betting sites with bonuses , which means that if you are a new member, you can take advantage of the welcome offer for your bets.

Predictions 1X2

We could only begin our predictions on the winning results from the classic of the classics especially for what concerns football betting: 1X2 predictions. In this market, you have to guess whether the home team (1), the away team (2) or the draw (X) will win the game. It is perhaps the most popular and played betting prediction because it is within everyone’s reach , even those who have just started betting.

The 1X2 prediction can be the right choice when in a race there is a clear favorite over the other and we don’t want to risk too much . Or when we try to raise the final odds a little and we want a safer winning prediction. However, do not assume that the favorite team is always the one who, in the end, will take home the victory. Remember our 5 tips and evaluate each time the condition of the teams and what is at stake for that match.

Under / Over Predictions

Equally well known are the Under / Over predictions. There are many markets in this regard because it can change both the subject of the bet (U / O goal, U / O team, U / O points …) and the reference value (U / O 1.5, U / O 2.5, U / O 3.5 …). Without a doubt, the most popular Under / Over prediction is the U / O goal 2.5, in which you have to guess whether more (Over) or less (Under) than 2 goals will be scored in a given match.

Even the Under / Over predictions are among those suitable for every type of bettor and that you find proposed for the most diverse disciplines: not only for football predictions but also, for example, for tennis predictions . Surely if among the 1X2 predictions it was easier to understand the favorite and on which team to bet, in this case a minimum of preparation is required. If we see that a team has an extremely offensive game or has an attacker in a particular state of grace, going for an Over is recommended.

Are our bets 100 percent winning?

We have explained to you why we have decided to deal with free predictions and why we want to provide you with betting tips for your bets. The goal is to give you tips and winning predictions using up-to-date data and statistics and our many years of experience. In fairness, it is fair to say that we cannot guarantee 100 percent winning bets. Always be wary of those who do it for 2 reasons.

If there were an “always winning” method, many people would have already enriched themselves; second, there are so many variables within a game or tournament that it is almost impossible to predict them all. From the psychophysical state of a player, to the motivations of a team, to the goal to be achieved, passing through the atmospheric conditions … There are therefore no 100 percent winning bets but there are betting predictions that take into account the highest possible number of these variables , so as to increase your chances of winning.

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