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Why You Need a Local Solicitor: Solicitors Near Me in Sligo, Ireland

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If you’re considering a solicitor, it’s important to understand why. A solicitor is a legal professional who provides advice and guidance regarding legal issues. In Sligo, Ireland, there are many different types of solicitors available for hire: family law solicitors and criminal lawyers are just two examples.

You Need a Local Solicitor to Help You With Your Legal Needs

A solicitor is an attorney. In Ireland, solicitors are called barristers. They can help you with a variety of legal issues and offer advice on how to proceed if you’re involved in any kind of dispute or want to make sure that your legal needs are being met by the right person.

A solicitor can help with family law, criminal law, and civil law—and they can also give advice on wills and probate (the process where someone makes their estate legally available). If someone has died without making a will or leaving any instructions about their property after death (called intestacy), then their assets will be distributed according to Irish inheritance law rather than English common law; this means that anyone who inherits these types of assets must take them into account when determining what happens next!

Solicitors Near Me in Sligo, Ireland

You need a solicitor because:

  • You’ve been charged with a crime.
  • Your family is being threatened or harassed by debt collectors.
  • You’re having trouble with the police and they’re refusing to help you out of any situation that could land you in jail or prison.

The best way to find out if there’s a good solicitor near me is by asking around online or through friends who might have used one before (if they aren’t criminals themselves). If none of these options work, then it might be time for something drastic—like hiring your own lawyer!

A solicitor can help you with a variety of legal issues.

A solicitor can help you with a variety of legal issues.

The most common issues we deal with are:

  • Family law – including divorce, separation and annulment of marriage. We also offer advice on how best to resolve these matters.
  • Property law – this includes mortgage default prevention and property disputes such as disagreements between tenants or landlords over repairs that need to be carried out on the property or its contents; repossession proceedings for rent arrears etc.; possession orders for tenants who have failed to pay their rent within 14 days after the rent payment date which has been specified by both parties (the landlord usually applies first). For example: if you have paid your rent but it is not yet due then this is called “late payment” and will usually result in an action being taken against your tenancy agreement by your landlord – even though nothing has changed since last week when you paid again! In this case we would advise claiming damages from either party as appropriate under Section 19 Rent Act 1977/78 (as amended).


We hope that this article has given you an idea of what a solicitor is, and how they can help your family. Solicitors Sligo are here to help make sure that your legal needs are met, so if you’re looking for one near me in Sligo, Ireland please use our website to search for the best solicitor for your needs!

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