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What is Warp knitting and Weft Knitting & Their Differences

by Robert Tom
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warp knitting

Clothing is our daily necessity. At present, various classes of people use textile knitting fabrics for their clothing largely. Warp knitting and weft knitting is mainly the form of making clothes. Both indicate different types of knitting processes where the employee uses yarns. The weft and warp term denotes the width and the length of yarn.

Thus two types of knitting process never represent similar structures or patterns and characteristic. Their shape and mixing processes isn’t similar.

As knitted clothes are very comfortable to wear so, it’s very popular around the world. And importer from different countries import warp and weft knitted clothing from the 1st or 2nd largest hub of clothing. For the best quality and cheap prices, people like to import apparels from the buying house in Bangladesh. Because they are the 2nd largest apparel manufacturer and the 1st exporter to manufacturer clothes at a reasonable price.

Here this article will share an overview of warp and weft knitting and their differences in apparel industry. We hope this article will give you the detailed knowledge about the warp and weft knitting.


Warp Knitting:

Warp knitting is regarded as the quickest process of making fabric from yarns. It is separated from weft knitting, where every needle loops its yarn. Here, the needles create parallel rows of interlocked loops in a snaky pattern. It is necessary to set a flat form or sheet where the yarns are linked for fabric making. At the width of the machine, there is a row of needles, and they are fed with the yarns.

There are two types of knitting machines available: Tricot and Raschel. In Raschel, it is easy to process all kinds of yarns like staple, filament, carded, combed, etc. This type of knitting helps to produce pile fabrics, and they are often used on upholstery.


Features of Warp Knitting

  • Warp knitting is denser than weft.
  • It is warm to wear.
  • It shows less elasticity.
  • It is soft and drapery.
  • This type of knitting fabric is easy to wear.
  • The sewing of the warp is simple.
  • curls are found at the edge


  • Blouse
  • Gloves
  • Lingerie
  • Underwear


Weft Knitting:

Weft knitting indicates a process of fabric making where the loops are created in a horizontal process from only yarn. Every consecutive row of loop builds upon the previous loops repeatedly. The interconnection of loops can occur both in the flat or circular form based on the course.

This process of fabric making ensures softness and elasticity. The structure quality depends on the use of yarns. Curls onto the course and wales directions are the cause for knit density.

The Common Feature of Weft Knitting:

  • Weft knitting fabrics are very elastic.
  • It is warm to wear.
  • It is very comfortable and lightweight.
  • It is different properties based.
  • This type of knitted fabric does not fray.
  • It shows good insular.
  • It is easy to stretch out the shape.
  • Curls up at the edge
  • It is simple to make color shape.


  • T-shirt
  • Sportswear
  • Baby clothes
  • Underwear
  • Hosiery
  • Pajamas


What is the Difference between Warp Knitting and Weft Knitting?

Warp and weft are a kind of knitting process essential for producing soft, warm, and comfortable fabrics. The sewing category of them is quite different from each other. Here we represent a contradictory comparison between warp knitting and weft knitting.

  1. It is impossible to make diverse textures in warp knitting, whereas it is easy to produce huge, diverse textures using various yarns.
  2. The speed of the weft knitting is slower than the warp knitting. Having the easy way of sewing, it is possible to quick sew in warp knitting. On the contrary, having a different sewing style offers slow speed in sewing.
  3. The speed of the alternating map and diversity of the maps in warp knitting is lower than in weft knitting.
  4. The production cost of weft knitting is more than the warp knitting.
  5. Warp knitting is more popular for its stability. Having the curve style knitting ways, it gets popularity.
  6. The weft-knitted fabric represents the best elasticity the fabric of the warp-knitted. This characteristic varies for the structure of the sewing.
  7. There is a single yarn in a row on the warp knitting for the single needle. It is necessary to beam from the huge numbers of the needles that increase the primary operations for producing the clothes in weft knitting.
  8. Here are the examples of both Warp and Weft Knitting: T-shirts, sportswear, baby dresses, pajamas, etc., are the result of the weft knitting, and underwear, blouse, lingerie, gloves, etc., are the result of the warp knitting.


Final Thought:

Weft knitting and warp knitting are just a term for fabric making that indicates the yarns’ uses of widths and length. The two parts of knitting style are not indifferent in their styles and patterns. We hope this article gives you a great idea  about knowing the warp and weft knitting. Please keep visiting our blog to get more informative article about various niches. You will find the topics very useful. Please stay with us and keep visiting our blog.

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