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What Is The Difference Between A Femboy And A Transgender Woman?

by Robert Tom
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A femboy is someone who considers himself to be a man, but whose personal style involves—at least some of the time and in at least some ways—choosing to behave in ways typically seen as feminine. 

A trans woman is someone who considers herself to be a woman, but who was born with typically-masculine anatomy.

The difference is entirely one of the person’s mindset and motivations, so it’s hard to give externally-visible behaviors and traits that clearly distinguish between the two, but I can give some vague generalizations:

  • Femboys are usually fine with switching to a more traditionally masculine presentation when the situation calls for it—at worst, they might feel a bit like a male biker wearing a suit to a court hearing, displeased to be dressing so contrary to their style but basically okay with it. Trans women, particularly ones who have become accustomed to presenting femme, would be likely to find it intensely uncomfortable and upsetting—more like a male biker wearing a dress to a court hearing, humiliated and ashamed and possibly facing serious psychological issues if forced to do so too frequently.
  • Femboys often prefer male names and pronouns even if they are dressing femininely. Trans women usually want to adopt female names and pronouns, though they may not yet be ready to take these steps, or circumstances may prevent them from doing so.
  • Femboys very rarely get legal name and gender changes or hormone replacement therapy, and virtually never get gender-related surgeries. Though many trans women do not take some or all of these steps either, most do at least think seriously about whether they want them, and many want them quite badly but are unable to get them.
  • The feminine elements femboys adopt are usually from pretty mainstream types of femininity. Trans women are more likely to prefer alternative forms of feminine presentation, like “nerdy girl” or “butch” or even “tomboy” styles, although many trans women are conventionally feminine too.

Think of it this way: Suppose a person needs to go to the doctor’s office and fill out a form asking their gender. 

A femboy is fairly likely to show up in masculine clothing and just act like a typical guy throughout; if he does wear something femme, he’s still likely to just check the “male” box on the form without a second thought. Such boy always looks for femboy outfit ideas, but in case it’s not with transgender women.

A trans woman is fairly likely to show up in feminine clothing unless she fears mistreatment; if she does wear something femme, she might happily check the “female” box or reluctantly check the “male” box.

Conclusion or Summery 

To a femboy, femininity is just a style he really enjoys, which he can adopt as much or as little as he chooses. To a trans woman, femininity is a core part of who she is, and it’s upsetting to think of herself as anything but female. 

A femboy is happy in his male gender. He just happens tok have feminine traits. A transgender, I’m assuming you mean Trans female, is a female trapped in a male body and wants to live as female.

Final words

Femboy=Boy that likes to rock fem clothes.
NOT a girl or fake boy or transgirl.

Trans woman=Biological boy that sees himself as female.
NOT a drag queen or crossdresser or fake girl or actually a boy or whatever the fuck else.

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