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What is a solar installation course?

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The solar installation course teaches qualified individuals how to properly and safely install solar power photovoltaic systems to improve energy distribution performance and power efficiency.

While the responsibilities of a solar power installer can be mentally and physically demanding, with strict adherence to mandated safety standards and building codes imperative, those that have undergone a solar installation course Australia can now work as self-employed contractors for standalone solar power installation projects or find work opportunities installing solar power systems for large solar energy providers.

Individuals that have undergone a solar installation course are trained on how to properly conduct an assessment of the current power requirements of a facility and install the required solar power cells and their modules in compliance with local building codes and regulations.

The solar power installation course teaches trainees how to conduct the right system checks to test a solar power system’s connectivity with existing power systems and the safety, integrity, and efficiency of an entire power system. Individuals that have undergone the solar installation course are also trained in how to seal and regulate an entire solar power system installation for peak power sustainability and energy cost-savings.

The solar installation course: Providing the right foundations for safe and reliable solar power system installations.

The solar installation course prepares electricians on how to properly and safely install solar power systems. The solar installation course provides them with the foundations on how to install, inspect, and commission safe, reliable solar energy systems for use in various domestic, commercial, and industrial industries.

What is covered in a solar installation course?

The solar installation course strictly follows all nationally recognized units of competency requirements in solar power system installation, like:

  • The proper and safe installation of various domestic, commercial, and industrial solar power systems.
  • Finding the ideal solar power system installation, and configuration to safely and efficiently connect to local power grids.
  • How to safely install grid-connected solar power supply systems.

How a solar installation course helps in the career progress of an electrician.

  • It teaches electricians how to properly and safely install grid-compatible solar power systems and their related battery storage systems for various solar industry projects.
  • It provides the knowledge and practical skills to solve basic problems in solar power system installation including how to commission, troubleshoot, and inspect a safe solar power system installation.
  • It trains electricians on the various components and configurations of grid-compatible solar power system installation including the safe commissioning of different solar power system designs and their battery storage systems.
  • It provides knowledge on how to install low-voltage solar power systems for homes and most commercial buildings.

The solar installation course provides electricians with a good entry into solar power system installation techniques and the invaluable installation skills necessary for their future career growth in installing solar power systems in renewable energy industries.

The basic requirements needed before taking a solar installation course?

The basic qualifications required to be able to take a solar installation course, are:

  • A high school diploma.
  • A prior apprenticeship or course is taken at a technical or vocational institution that teaches electrical courses.
  • Familiarity with electrical codes and regulations, with prior construction work helpful but not necessarily required.
  • Having a keen eye for detail, dexterity, and mechanical skills is crucial as it is necessary to properly perform all types of solar installation work safely.

The solar installation course fulfills the qualification requirements for individuals to gain their accreditation for solar power system installation.

Are there other eligibilities required before a solar installation course can be taken? 

Those that are eligible to take a solar installation course to gain accreditation are required to have:

  • A current electrical work license, and
  • A current apprenticeship with completed prerequisite units of competency in their line of work.

For those that only require a single qualification to just install grid-connected solar systems, without the design aspects, all they need is to complete the installation course path on a solar course.

However, it is ideal for solar installation course candidates that if they want to be able to undertake an entire solar design and installation project, they are required to be trained and accredited within the complete solar design and installation course pathway as it provides them with the necessary accreditation to fully design and install grid-connected solar power systems.

Course takers should take note that by opting to only take a solar installation course instead of a complete course they are required by regulations to work with an accredited solar designer to perform entire solar power system design and installation jobs.

It is ideal to choose the full accreditation option when considering undertaking a solar course as it provides the greatest flexibility and work opportunities in the renewables industry.

The training duration of a solar installation course.

The solar installation course is delivered through a hands-on workshop for about a week. It will show the real work applications of safe solar power system installation, system verification, and system commissioning. It will provide training on how properly install system hangers and frames, mounts, fitting multi-hole glands, and others.

Solar installation course candidates are trained by an accredited electrical contractor with years of experience in solar installation. Course takers are also taken through various simulated solar installation situations to give them a feel for how to install safe and reliable grid-compatible solar power systems.

Why a solar installation course is a great way to up-skill.

All jobs in the electrical industry can be rewarding with different accredited individuals getting to play an important role in their communities.

Solar installation provides individuals with the skillsets, accreditations, and certifications in solar installation for work in the solar power industry. It provides them a great opportunity to enjoy more work prospects, from being self-employed solar installers to working with large solar power providers on multi-million dollar solar power generation and distribution projects.

With the widespread acceptance and use of renewable energy generation, it is now increasingly important for electricians to have the knowledge, skills, accreditations, and certifications to install solar power systems. The solar installation course up-skills and expands the knowledge of electrical professionals wanting to work in the solar power industry.

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