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Top Careers in Masters in Health Care Administration

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Master in Healthcare Administration is a 2-year post graduation degree where candidates get a complete knowledge of topics related to health administration including health organizations, management of hospitals, public health consulting, the infrastructure of hospitals, etc. There is no such restriction on choosing the stream at 11th standards to choose this course, as candidates coming from any background including science, commerce and humanities can pursue the subject.


There are several topics inside the master in health care administration subject whose concepts students come through in their school ERP level including information about hospitals, HRM, etc. Besides, there are also several subjects, like hospital environment and healthcare, information technology, BioStat, commercial management, management of hospital operations, etc., which students learn in this course.


There are thousands of benefits you can gain with a degree of masters in health care administration by studying it from a learning management system. Today’s era has seen the health of most of the people getting low, with them being engaged in thousands of workers, and not taking care of their health, eventually downfall in health. Hence, workers in the healthcare industry have a lot of things to do, consequently the demand for individuals having this degree increases. With so many advantages present in this sector, there are several careers you can choose with this degree, out of which 5 are shown below.


Hospital Administrator


Arguably the best job with a degree in masters in health care administration is the career of a hospital administrator. Hospital administrators are engaged in overseeing daily operations for a particular hospital. They are responsible for creating budgets, setting the rates for services as well as forming and maintaining the policies of the organization ensuring that the best care is provided by the staff to their patients. Their work also consists of duties like public relations communication between departments, staff evaluation, etc. The average salary of a hospital administrator in India is INR 3 lakhs per annum.


Clinical Director


Another great career you can make with a master of healthcare administration degree is by coming into the profession of a clinical director. They are primarily engaged in supervising the daily services at the clinics with additional emphasis on the care of patients as well as taking care of the business strategies.


They also do the work of hiring, evaluating as well as training the medical staff, and organizing various work schedules. Besides, they encourage staff to work towards shared goals and assist in forming and maintaining a positive work environment. The average salary of a clinical director in India is INR 8 lakhs per annum.


Health Care Consultant


Another great option to go for with a master’s in healthcare administration degree is becoming a healthcare consultant. They are engaged in researching, and evaluating staff secure financial information as well as policies for finding ways of saving money or even developing the flow of work. They also create reports of their findings and work with the management of an organization they work with and suggest the changes necessary. The average salary of a healthcare consultant in India is INR 5 lakhs per annum.


Medical Records Supervisor


If you wish to get engaged in the work of recording data and at the same time you are an aspiring student to work in the medical field you should certainly choose the profession of a medical records supervisor.


They primarily work in the records department of a clinic for managing and tracking health records as well as patient data, both manually and digitally. They maintain this private information and keep it organized and also update it accordingly. The average salary of a medical records supervisor in India is INR 3 lakhs per annum.


Practice Manager


Being a practice manager is also considered among the greatest careers you can make with a degree in master’s in healthcare administration. They do the work of overseeing the daily operations at a specific private practice of a doctor or even in a clinic, rather than doing the same work in a bigger organization like a hospital or a nursing home. The average salary of a practice manager in India is INR 20 lakhs per annum.

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