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Top 6 Alternatives to Photoshop for Photo Editing

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While Adobe Photoshop is frequently the program of choice for editing photos, there are a number of strong Photoshop alternatives that are well worth looking into. There are photo editing apps that may be a better fit for you if you’re looking for a more affordable option, a less complicated learning option, or more automatic and magical effects when editing your photos. Learning Photoshop can be challenging, especially if all you need to do is make simple visual adjustments. The list below includes some of our preferred Photoshop alternatives.

1. BeFunky

BeFunky is compatible with desktop and mobile platforms. It has excellent photo editing features, is easy to use, and allows you to create collages and graphic designs. BeFunky Plus is an additional feature-accessing monthly subscription service available for just $4.99. However, using the default version is cost-free at first. With BeFunky’s batch editing feature, you can quickly apply the same filter and style to a large number of images making it a Black and White Photo Editor. For designing logos and overlays, you can also retouch portraits, add creative filters, and remove the background.

2. Pixart

A background removal tool, one-click photo effects, and a photo-to-cartoon feature are all available in Picsart. Additionally, a variety of filters are available, and you can change the brightness and lightness in addition to other settings.

With your images, you can even produce a double exposure effect. Additionally, Picsart offers video editing options, making it a good option if you work with both videos and photos. You can choose between the free version and the Gold version, which costs $4.66 per month when paid yearly. More templates, high-resolution stock images, and watermark-free downloads are all included with Gold.  

3. Snapspeed

This fantastic mobile photo editing app is created by Google. You can save your preferred looks for future quick editing, which is a well-liked feature. There are numerous tools and filters available as well for editing your photos. Even better, you can edit RAW photos using Photoshop.

Many of the features in this app are similar to those in Photoshop, but it requires less training. So take Snapseed into consideration if you’re looking for a simpler to learn Photoshop alternative.


You can edit both photos and videos using VCOS. Although it’s free, there are in-app purchases available if you want more filters and features. To edit your photos, VCOS uses presets, which are created or purchased custom filters. With the free version, you receive 10. There is a membership option with a seven-day free trial that adds more than 200 presets. To maintain a consistent aesthetic across your Instagram feed, use VCOS presets. You can also save your preferred editing styles using this app. You can use advanced editing tools and add borders and filters, just like with the other apps. Split tone and color grading are a couple of advanced features.

5. Photoleap Editor

A cool app by Lightricks is called Photoleap. Similar to Photoshop, this app enables layer-based editing. Along with many other practical tools and features, it has blending modes, special effects, brushes, and more. You can get creative by combining photos, or you can draw or add stickers to your photos — both are excellent for making memes and social media images. With the help of this app, you can edit RAW photos in a sophisticated manner.

The only drawback is that Photoleap isn’t free. You must purchase an unlimited access subscription in order to use all the features.

6. Color Pop

We could not end this list without mentioning ColorPop. Colorpop is one of the most popular graphic design apps for creators on mobile and the web. ColorPop lets you edit photos in addition to graphic design, which is its primary focus. You can add filters, change the contrast and saturation, and remove backgrounds making it a Black and White Photo Editor. It is a great graphics creator and might be all you need, despite not having a photo editor that is as feature-rich as some of the other apps.  

Hire a professional or try these Photoshop substitutes

These photo editing apps are entertaining and generally simple to use, but it may be even simpler to hire a creative to expertly edit your photos and produce eye-catching graphics for you. We have a freelancer who can help with anything from photo editing to original photo effects to social media graphics and flyers.

For more articles, we encourage you to check out more of our blog today.

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