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Top 5 Wedding Ring Styles You Should Pick

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Wedding Ring

Wedding rings remain a top seal of love and forever between married couples. Indeed, no one can predict the future. Yet, you can be sure that wedding rings will remain a constant seal of love between couples, even in a thousand years to come.

As you already know, the ideal wedding ring should look exquisite. However, since it sticks with you for a long time, know the style you can live with for as long as possible.

Style knowledge is essential for the ring to serve its purpose well. So keep the beauty of that piece of jewelry aside; are you comfortable wearing it? Is the ring your preferred style? Can it go with your usual outfits? Those are some questions you must think about.

Women are pretty sensitive to symbols that represent situations more than males. So when choosing a woman’s wedding ring or wedding day diamonds, you have to be careful. Your choice should not only fit but also reflect your style, personality, and values. 

However, it’s not always an easy task to find the perfect wedding ring. This is especially daunting if you are unguided. But fret not! Keep reading this article to learn more about ring style ideas you can choose from when next you visit the jewelry store. 

5 Wedding Ring Styles for Women

Before you choose that ring, you should understand the difference between ring styles and ring settings. The ring style shows what the ring looks and feels like or may represent. So for the style, you take note of the details on the rings. For instance, were the details done by hand? Does it give a natural or modern feel?

The ring setting speaks of the arrangement or mounting of the gemstones. For example, are the stones arranged to form a halo? Does the ring have a single stone held by prongs?

With this distinction in place, the top wedding ring styles you should look out for include:

  • Nature-Inspired Wedding Ring

Nature-inspired wedding rings give the feel of nature, so is the ideal style for nature lovers. Rings in this category imbibe natural elements as details. Here, you may have leaves, barks, or natural twists attached to the stone or band. That way, you get a unique look.

  • Traditional Rings Styles

The classic or traditional ring styles feature ageless designs. Classic rings are suitable for brides who prefer to look simple and elegant the old-fashioned way. 

The traditional wedding ring is most times a plain band. However, you may have a few gemstones on the band to give it a more classic traditional look. 

  • Vintage-Inspired Rings

This ring style is perfect for women who pay attention to and love details. Vintage-inspired wedding rings usually come handcrafted; every detail tells a story. Vintage-inspired rings are great choices for brides who love history, vintage jewelry, victorian or art deco designs. The designs are also not minimal, giving the wearer a timeless feel.

  • Romantic Rings

Every wedding ring should tell a little romantic story. Yet, they are rings that give more romantic details than others. 

Romantic-styled rings have more delicate cuts to heighten the romantic feeling. Rings with a more romantic feel have softer colors like pink or faint red embedded to reflect romance.

  • Modern Ring Styles

There’s never an end to creativity. So if you are looking for a ring design in vogue, check out contemporary designs. Modern rings, like modern architecture, capture simple carvings with high quality. As a result, you can transform a simple wedding band into an admirable sleek design. 

Because modern ring styles have simpler designs, you may want to keep another piece of jewelry simple as well.

5 Wedding Ring Settings You Can Choose From

With so many wedding ring styles and settings, choosing the best design for the bride may be confusing. Do not fear going to the jewelry store. Some chic ring setting ideas to start from include: 

  • Solitaire

If you want a simple, yet beautiful and classy look, check out the solitaire ring settings. The solitaire setting has a single piece of diamond on the band. Prongs or claw metals keep the stone attached to the band, giving the ring an elegant look. 

The solitaire ring may never go out of trend due to its simplicity and consistent elegance. So if you like it simple, consider solitaire.

  • Halo 

Halo is one of the market’s most popular wedding ring settings, and there’s no need to ask why. Halo rings sparkle bright. If your woman is fashion-forward, a halo ring should work best.

For this, jewelers fix smaller pieces of gemstones into the wedding band to form a halo around the bigger center stone. The smaller stones reflect the light on the central stone, multiplying the brightness of the ring. 

If you want to improve how bright a central gemstone sparkles, go for halo rings. Halo gives the center stone a bigger brighter look, even if the center stone isn’t diamond.

  • Pave

The pave setting is an amazing way to personalize a wedding ring. Here, you can embed tiny gemstones into the wedding band. If you want a more unique look, you can have little pieces of other stones you hold dear fixed into the band.

Pave rings are simple, yet, they glow no matter the side you wear them on.

  • Trilogy 

The three-stone setting features three gem pieces on the band. Sometimes, it may be a larger gemstone flanked by two smaller stones on opposite sides. Other times, it may be three gemstones of almost equal sizes fitted on the band.

No one understands the concept behind the ring. However, most people believe it symbolizes the past, present, and future. So if you happen to choose a woman who likes to find the deeper meaning of something, the trilogy is the best deal.

  • Bezel 

A bezel ring setting is one where the stone sits firmly on the band. This is in contrast to holding it to the band with prongs. It is one of the most secure ring settings since the band has a border to anchor the gemstone, rather than prongs. Bezel rings are also easy to clean and maintain. They need less upkeep and tightening.

Final Thoughts

The perfect wedding ring ‘lightens’ up a wedding. It makes the exchange of vows more beautiful. 

In the search for the ideal wedding ring, ensure you don’t only consider the style, but the ring setting as well. The perfect combination of the two will save you a lot of search time.

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