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This Reason Is Making Passengers Book Online Food In Train

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Online Food In Train

Over the past few months, the railway has removed many pantry cars from the train to maintain the proper hygiene and safety on the train. Secondary, the new Online Food In Train service is the new way to get good on the train. Passengers are also liking this service the most. As they can now enjoy food like Noodles, dhokla, Punjabi dishes, South Indian dishes, veg, and non-veg food, and much more food options with train journeys. The fresh, hot, and delicious food make your journey more enjoyable and comfortable.

Passengers are also liking this service because they get food on their seats only. And the food is tasty and also according to their preference. As online food delivery has solved all the food-related problems for the passenger. They can enjoy fresh snacks with tea and coffee. There are many reasons that by passengers are preferring online food. Here I will discuss some of the reasons.

Variety of options in online food service by train 

Before the passengers have to eat the food that is served by pantry cars on the train or by the local vendors at the station. That is also unhygienic and not of your choice. The traveler used to compromise because they have to eat what is available in the pantry car. But now with online food delivery in train the whole story has changed. Passengers can now order food on 400 plus stations that too of their choice. 

Yes, now you get a lot of options in food. You can now order  Italian food, Spanish food, Chinese food, continental food, Punjabi food, South Indian food, Gujarati food, Jain food, veg food, non-veg food, and lots many more food items. The main profit of online food service is that if you belong to some other state or city you can also taste the special food item of another state or city while traveling. 

Easily order food online on the train while sitting at your seat  

Online food is very easy to get. You can order food online from websites, mobile apps, phone calls,s and by Sms. All you need is to just provide your ten-digit PNR number. Then it is confirmed by the app or website. After that, you have to select your delivery station and Restaurant. You will now see the menu page with a price. From the menu, you can select your dish. Then you have to select the payment mode. You can make an online payments with Google pay, phone pay, and many more options or you can so pay on delivery. Then you will receive the confirmation message. After that, you have to sit and wait for your order. Similarly, in call and message, you will be assisted by some person to whom you have to provide your information like your basic details, PNR number, and delivery restaurant and food item. 

You can get online food in time 

You are now thinking of that how you can get your food on your seat. The online food in train that you have ordered is checked by a computer system. That means there is no manual work done. The computer that receives your PNR number or train number tracks your train. And give a live location to the restaurants along with your order. So that restaurants come to know where is your train now and how much time it will take to reach the delivery station. Then according to that, they prepare their food so that food also remains hot and give it to the delivery boy for delivery.

In case your train got late then also they will come to know and before making your food they will confirm from you that you still want your food or not. This is how you can enjoy hot and fresh food on time at your delivery station. 

Get hygienic food with proper packaging on the train 

We all know that the food made by local vendors and in the train pantries is unsafe and unhealthy. Eating that food can make you sick or can also cause food poisoning. As they don’t take proper precautions while cooking and packaging the food. The  Online Food In Train has solved this problem also. In the online delivery system, the railway has permitted those Restaurants only that have a certificate from the food safety department (FSSAI). Because they follow the proper guidance and also take proper hygiene conditions while cooking the food. That means they cook food properly. They also make fresh and healthy food daily. So that customers can enjoy the fresh and healthy food. Especially while traveling the passenger just need good and fresh food to make their journey more enjoyable.

These restaurants also focus on packaging systems. They property clean and sanitizer the containers in which your food is packed and after packing it they so check the food is not liking from somewhere. They also told their delivery boy to take proper precautions while delivering the food. 

You can also cancel the order if your train is late or due to some other issue but for this, you have to inform earlier. 

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