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There Is No Island In You

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It may be necessary for us to do things on our own at times without the assistance of others. While sometimes this is cathartic, other times it can leave you with a sense of loneliness and a mild sense of despair.  Understanding that we are not islands and reaching out to our support system is healthy is essential. Friends, family, and colleagues are all sources of Whomtosupport.  Depending on the issues that have arisen in your past or present relationship, it may be difficult to rely on this support at times. Maintaining and growing our support systems is important.


In the past, you may have relied on different people for different things at different times.  Different people in our support system are able to assist us with different aspects of our lives, depending on our age, needs, wants and desires.  It is NOT true that relying on others as we grow and age is a flaw or a limitation. It is a sign of strength to reach out to others in our support system. As important as it is to be supported, it is equally important to offer support to others.  Supporting those in our lives is a two-way street, we must support them just as they support us. 


A strong support system offers the following benefits: 

  1. Sense of belonging:   Throughout our lives, we feel a sense of belonging.  As children, adolescents, and adults, we start with our family of origin and our friend groups.  Surviving is not enough. We need to thrive.  We can thrive and reach our potential in whatever area we aim for with the right support system. 
  2. Reducing Stress: Support systems can help reduce stress.  Our mood can be improved by spending time with loved ones and reducing our anxiety.   Reduce your stress by going for a walk, hike or yoga class with a friend or family member.  De-stressing after a stressful day is made easier with an effective support system.      
  3. Having a good support system can significantly improve overall health and wellbeing throughout our lives, especially as we age. We benefit physically as well as emotionally from feeling like we are not alone.     
  4. A good emotional health and wellbeing can boost overall physical health if you have an emotional support system.  As a strong support system provides us with a community for support when we are experiencing difficult times, it is pertinent to good emotional health.    
  5. We feel better about ourselves when we have people we can count on and who can count on us.  As well as rooting for our support system, it is always good to feel as if there are those cheering for us on the sidelines.

We sometimes move to a new city or place where we don’t know anyone.  If this is the case, try volunteering, taking a class, taking music lessons, or joining a running group or a book club. We want to connect with others who share our interests. Adults often find like-minded individuals at their place of work, but sometimes that isn’t always the case.  Discover groups or organizations in your interest area and slowly build a support system in your new area. 

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