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The Significance Of Emotional Intelligence – Make A Lasting Impact

by Robert Tom
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) supports resilience, rationality, stress reduction, communication, and our capacity to understand by forming the crossroads where intellect and emotion are interlinked. The phrase ‘Emotional Intelligence’ refers to one’s ability to accurately and efficiently sense, analyze, and control emotional information.  


Goleman (1995) identified five broad categories of abilities that make up the key aspects of EI. It claimed that, unlike one’s IQ, these category skills can be learned and improved upon wherever they are lacking.

5 Categories of Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ)

  • Self-awareness is the ability to identify and comprehend one’s feelings, as well as how they affect others. Self-awareness is the first step toward reflective self-evaluation since it helps to detect and adjust behavioral and emotional elements of a psychological state. Emotional self-awareness also entails identifying what drives a person and, as a result, what provides them joy.
  • Self-regulation is defined as the ability to control one’s unpleasant or disruptive emotions while also adapting to changes in the environment. Experts in self-control thrive in conflict, adjust well to change, and are more willing to take responsibility. 
  • Motivation is described as the ability to motivate oneself rather than seeking external praise or reward. People who can better motivate themselves in this way are more committed and goal-oriented. 
  • Empathy refers to the ability to understand how others are feeling and to consider their sentiments when making social judgments. Empathy also allows one to understand the aspects that influence personal and professional connections.
  • Social Skills are the ability to regulate other feelings and emotions through emotional awareness. It then uses that understanding to develop rapport and make contacts using skills like active listening and verbal or non-verbal.


Emotional intelligence plays a critical role in achieving success in both personal and professional life, whether it’s communicating with others and improving socialization, achieving goals at work or in social interactions, and refining decision-making skills.  

Emotional Intelligence’s Value and Benefits

  1. EI has a lot of value and rewards in terms of success in the workplace. It is a required ability in many professions, can help with academic and professional achievement, improve relationships, and improve communication skills, and the list goes on.
  2. EI enhances both physical and mental health by building and maintaining meaningful human connections. 
  3. Higher levels of EI are associated with a greater proclivity for empathy, cooperation with others, the development of meaningful relationships, and improved social skills. 
  4. We’ve emphasized the social and psychological benefits, it’s worth noting that self-awareness can manage emotions and stress that are both linked to physical health.
  5. Chronic stress and its long-term negative effects, such as anger, depression, and anxiety, can hasten the emergence and spread of hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. It increases the susceptibility to viruses and infections; delay wound and injury healing, and exacerbate arthritis and coronary artery disease.
  6. Emotional intelligence courses has enormous significance. It promotes a variety of positive attributes, such as resilience, communication, motivation, and stress management, all of which are beneficial to achieving personal, physical, and vocational health and success.

How do Goals and EI Stand Together? 

If we consider goals as an objective we can see how emotional intelligence abilities may aid in the achievement of personal objectives and the advancement of change and growth in the workplace.


To attain self-actualization, we must first acquire motivation, and to achieve motivation, we must also be satisfied with what we are doing. It is difficult to obtain the motivation levels necessary to attain our objectives if we are not happy. There is a plethora of emphasizing the necessity of using EI regarding performance and success, with a focus on how people with high EI perform better in all facets of management.

Why Does Emotional Intelligence Affect Happiness?

Happiness appears to be a straightforward idea. It is more complex than it appears because it has diverse meanings for every one of us. While it is true that happiness means something different for individuals, one thing is certain emotional intelligence does matter for happiness, regardless of how you define it.


Participants with higher EQ ratings had better scores for empathic perspective-taking, self-monitoring, and interpersonal skills. It collaborates with partners, relationship quality, and more affectionate behavior. 


By honing EI skills, one can minimize stress, which has a good effect on one’s well-being and happiness. It monitors one’s well-being and insinuates a positive mood into the way people cope with daily obstacles, and pressures, in addition to its motivational effect. While emotional intelligence abilities are not the only factor in happiness, they do play a significant role. Emotional intelligence competencies account for more than half of all variances in happiness.

In a Nutshell 

Emotional intelligence enables you to control and address emotions so that you can be self-motivated and have great social interactions. People with higher emotional intelligence are less prone to unpleasant emotions. Emotional Intelligence is a beneficial skill for avoiding emotional biases in judgments. High levels of EQ have a direct link to the process of successful communication and negotiating skills. 

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