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The Pros and Cons of Solar Pool Heating System

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Usually during summers people tend to make ideas on how to drip the heat either going to the beach or a dip in a pool which is probably a good escape. If you owned a swimming pool in your backyard that’s probably a great advantage if you are one of those that really loves to swim even if not on summer days. However, if you reallydo loves swimming and wanted to enjoy your swimming pool regardless of the season, thenprobably installing solar swimming pool heater is one of great ideas that you can do. Ideally, installing a solar pool heating system in your pool gives you the chance to enjoy the perfect pool water temperature without worrying about the cold weather.

Ideally, solar pool heating Melbourne system is consisting of five primary components which is vital to maintain its efficient working stability, and that includes an inverter, an electrical panel, electric meter, solar panels and the certainly the sun. These components areattainable and can be bought in sets but requires regularmaintenancebecause if even one fails, the whole solar pool heating system will not work properly. On the other hand, the process of installations is also stress-free but to make sure it will work accordingly it is vital to get a professional help. Many users of solar pool heaters says that it’s all worth it to install this kind of apparatus in your pool. And to source out the idea of getting a solar pool heating system you will be glad to know the pros and cons of having it in your pool. By knowing its advantages and downsides it will help you make an informed decision after a while. Here we have listed some of details to get you educated.


One of the great advantages of a solar pool heating system installed in your pool is that its energy efficient and low cost. And because solar pool heating system has a solar panel where you can get the power from the sun, you can enjoy a free powered electricity to your heating system. Compared to using an electrically generated pool heating system where you’ll be paying for the electricity, the apparatus and the maintenance with solar pool heating system it will only cost you the system itself and the upcoming system maintenance. The sunlight is primarily the source of the energy of the solar pool heating system and it will cost you nothing. You may be spending initially on its components, but you will soon see a return on your investment in the long run as solar pool heating systems are resilient and long-lasting which makes it really a good investment.

In addition, installing solar pool heating system is very environmentally-friendly. By means of using natural ways on how to generate electricity we can be able to conserve energy without affecting our environment. With solar pool heating system, it does not emit air pollution unlike with the gas pool heaters. And because solar pool heater uses solar panels to generate energy to the heating system it does not release carbon emission which can affect our environment. By using solar pool heating system, you cannot only enjoy a free and renewable energy powered apparatus but also you can help reduce carbon footprint that is harmful to the environment.

Lastly, another advantage of it is that solar pool heating system is safe and easy to maintain. Solar pool heating system is technologically developed to specify temperature setting and program schedule of usage, making it safe and easy to use. And because solar pool heating system is very durable that it can last many years its maintenance doesn’t requires a lot of expenses. Maintenance usually preoccupied when inspecting on the solar panels and the inverter but as it is made heavy-duty it can last up to 10 years without the need for repairs or replacement.


Ideally, solar pool heating system has also a downside and that usually refers to the proper placement and usage of solar panels. Since solar pool heaters uses sun heat transferred by solar panels to generate energy, the solar panels must be place in the spots where there’s a maximum heat exposure. With all means the solar panels are affected during rainy, stormy, cloudy weather circumstances. For the solar panel to work properly it requires sufficient levels of heat to generate energy, and if the weather is seemingly bad you cannot be able to use the solar panels as its main source of energy is the sun. The same scenario will happen during night time as the solar pool heating system is less efficient in evenings. You may need to install more solar collectors to collect sufficient energy and adequately heat your pool. Alternatively, you can still use gas or heat pump system to make use of your swimming pool but there’s an additional expense on that and there’s a factor that can be harmful to our surroundings.

Whilst if this is the case, it’s still easy to maximize the benefits of having a solar pool heating system. Through the help of advance technology, many productive homeownersuses power storage and alternative battery banks to store the energy from the solar panels. However, you need to do extra efforts on storing energy and take advantage of the heat and store sufficient energy supplies whenever there’s an exposure of sunlight. Yet in these circumstances, you’ll also be needing to invest more for an additional solar power banks to stock energy and to make use of solar pool heating system if the weather is bad or if it does not generate sufficient energy. Usually, solar powered banks are fairly costly but worth the investment and if you’re thinking of getting a solar pool heater you also need to consider having solar powered banks alongside because of its downside.

As a final point, if you are looking for a sustainable yet durable and low-cost pool heater, a solar pool heating system might be one of the best options. However, it is still necessary to consider its pros and cons before getting it installed to determine whether if it’s the right investment for you. Also make sure to consult for professional advice as it may help you to be informed on such important information that you need to know. The details above are just few from the many information that you need to discern, so still acquiring a professional help will allow you to decide on what pool heater investment will best suits your needs and specifications.

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