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The Best audiotechnica open ear headphones

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audiotechnica open ear headphones

Audiotechnica open ear headphones are designed by the innovative yet timeless and well-known brand that’s their name. AudioTechnica is a name that is a master on open-back headphones. They produce a wide range of headphones that could be considered to be among the top open-back headphones available in the market.

What are Audio Technica Open Ear Headphones Exactly?

AudioTechnica Open-ear headphones are basically identical to traditional closed-back ones, with only one major difference – the shape of the earcups. The main difference between open-back and closed-back models is that closed-back models feature a wall that separates your ears and the space beyond.

Open-ear headphones appear more like they’re full of holes. They’re made to allow air to enter and make a different sound. The closed-back headphones typically form an ear-sealing seal to prevent audio from being sucked out and keeps outside sounds from reaching you. You can feel the seal when wearing headphones with no music playing – it is like hearing the sound of a conch shell. This creates a unique kind of audio, making the sound appear like it’s “in your face” so to speak.

The effect of the use of AudioTechnica open-ear headphones allows sound to escape and don’t cause that “in your face” effect. Some prefer this style of headphones since the sound can be more clear, wide open, and can even give a greater feeling of depth because the sound doesn’t echo inside the cans.

It is renowned for being among the top manufacturers in the world of audio equipment like microphones, headphones mixers, DJ equipment. Audio-Technica has been in business for a long time , and continues to offer a premium but the affordable selection of headphones with open backs. Here are a few of our favorite models.

The ATH-R70X is the Best Overall Audio-Technica Open-Ear Headphone.

This Auaudiotechnica open ear headphones is the top model in the Audio-Technica professional line of headphones, which includes the updated but highly acclaimed 3D wings support. It’s it allows the ear cups to pivot and cover your ears while you listen to music.

Audiotechnica open ear headphones ATH-R70X

Technica headphones ATH-R70X High-quality audio and purity is their main focus with a price tag that is affordable. They sound amazing in the lower tier and feature a flat frequency response, which is ideal for mixing music. As with all open-back headphones, the low-end is the area where they fall short and the higher bass as well as the whole midrange sound great. Overall, they are excellent headphone for mastering, production mixing, mastering or simply listening to your favorite music.

They come with a comfortable, design for the over-ear, designed so that prolonged hours of mixing, or music listening and listening, will not leave your head’s top getting hurt or the cups causing pain to your ears. According to a lot of users, they’re very comfortable and have a light feel all the way through – weighting approximately 1.63lbs. They feature an 1.4″ stereo plug, as well as an exclusive dual-sided detachable cable that automatically ensures proper stereo orientation. They are designed with acoustically clear housing made comprised of aluminum honeycomb mesh. They’re open-ear and produce a clear sound that is suitable for mixing and mastering.

The best alternative to another brand is that of the Sennheiser HD 650, a slightly more expensive, dynamic open-ear headphone that’s light, and has the widest frequency range from 10Hz to 39 500 Hz, and an ear-shape that is comfortable. A great headphone with very positive reviews, and stands as a great competitor to the Audiotechnica headphones R70x’s.

ATH-AD700X Audiotechnica headphones

The audio quality of the AD700X technica headphones is deep and precise. It can be loud. They are great to mix music as well as for gaming use. They offer a broad frequency response that starts with 5Hz all the way to 30kHz. The 53mm drivers are able to provide clear and precise mid-range and treble.

The ATH-AD700X features a light honeycomb aluminum casing with 53mm drivers that feature Bobbin-wound CCAW voice coils. The AD700X comes with flexible, fabric earpads that provide great comfort. It’s black in color and features large over-ear cups. One of the advantages of the headphones’ open-back design is the fact that sound appears more spacious, and you’re able to hear a bigger audio stage.

It is made of a broad plastic headband that has adjustable 3D Wing Support. It also has close to the head, mesh material for ease of use. On the left earcup, There is a cable to the mini-jack, which is connected to a 1/4 ” adapter. The style makes this set extremely sturdy, and the cushioning is made of materials similar to velour, making them very comfortable.

Although this is a fantastic purchase, there’s another option that is more affordable for those with a tight budget, but want the best set of over-ears that is Philips Audio SHP9500. Philips Audio SHP9500.

Its Philips Audio headphones come with a speaker driver measuring 50 millimeters, with a frequency range between 12Hz and 35kHz and a sensitivity of 101dB. They have received positive reviews for the audio quality, durability and comfort they provide. We suggest the product for a replacement to Audio Technica AD700X.

ATH-AD500X Auaudiotechnica open ear headphones

The audio high-quality of the AD500X Auaudiotechnica open ear headphones is adequate – they reproduce deep bass well and manage the high-mid frequency well. It’s a great headphone to mix with or simply to listen to music. They’re pretty intense in directional audio, which is perfect for gaming or watching films.

They share a lot the same way as other audiotechnica open ear headphones, which use the Open-Air technology that creates an absence of pressure on the ears to give a more the real thing.

In terms of design, they feature honeycomb aluminum casings and elastic earpads made of raised fabric. They also have an OFC (oxygen-free copper) single-sided cable that has a flexible TPE sheath that is designed to avoid tangles which we have found extremely useful!

The AD500X is able to be compared to it’s Philips Audio Fidelio L2 headphones. The L2 features 40mm high definition drivers and weighs more than audiotechnica open ear headphones. They’re over-ear, and work well for travel, even though they’re open back. With a price of around $150 for the Philips, Philips is a lot more expensive over those of audiotechnica over ear headphones AD500X.

AD900X Audiotechnica headphones

The ATH-AD900X is the audiotechnica open ear headphones redesigned version that is a perfect match for those who loved the earlier ATH-AD900. The construction of these headphones is designed to last and make a statement, therefore it’s not a good choice to those who want unobtrusive design.

For the audio quality, they work excellently. Even though they’re open-ear, the bass does to not bleed. They boast a wide and rich soundstage. Listening to music through them is like listening to it in real time. Combine that with the sensation of not needing headphones because of its light weight; these headphones are quite awesome! These headphones are ideal for gaming or watching movies If you prefer the live feeling.

They feature massive honeycomb earcups, but no actual headband, however, they feature an aluminum case. These are open-back, over-ear headphones with 53mm drivers specifically designed for this pair. Their design is distinctive. One of the advantages is the high-quality and the thickness of the padding and the velour-covered pads that appear to have good airflow. They are made to last for long periods of wearing.

An alternative to the AD900X is that of the Philips Audio Headphones. The 50mm drivers weigh slightly more than the AD900X, at 0.58lbs and the X2HR weighs around 0.84 pounds.

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