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What Background Should I Use for Headshot Background?

by Robert Tom
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Should I Use for Headshot Background?

Regardless of the industry, you want to represent to your client, a headshot photo in the brochure or on the website will make you look more approachable. And when you come to these photos, a perfect background is equally important, along with the high-tech camera, lighting, and skill.

Selecting a headshot background is not hard when you have a clear idea of the purpose of your photo. Check out these fantastic backdrop ideas if you have a quick photography session and are going crazy on “what background I should use for the headshot.”

8 Unique Ideas on Headshot Background

Headshots are tightly cropped photo that focuses on facial expression primarily. As a result, you need to ensure that the backdrop you are using is not stealing the attention from the main subject- the model.

A complete headshot background guide may help you have more insight into picking the right background. Now, it’s time to show you some outstanding headshot background ideas.

1.    Classic Dark Black or Blue:

If you are preparing a backdrop for a formal business portrait, all black or blue should be at the top of the list. With proper lighting and focus, the dark shade of the background will help your subject pop up.

Also, black represents a more dramatic and cinematic look for any modeling project of a product.

2.    The Traditional White:

All white backdrops should be the best option to keep your headshot simple and less distractive. Although the white background requires skill in the lighting and positioning of the model, the photos are suitable for any website, corporate, or entertainment photo.

3.    Soothing Gray Backdrop:

If you think black and white backdrops are outdated, you should try the gray color as your background. Gray brings unique, relaxed, and more inviting photos than dark backdrops. And the stiffness of a formal photo feels less with these backgrounds.

4.    Splash Some Color:

Well, you don’t have to stick to neutral shades when you are working on a business portrait for a company. It is trendy these days to go with bright colors. You can choose any contrasting colors or the color present in the company logo.

Moreover, the model’s smile and casual clothing will make the photo more approachable to the viewers. And if your viewers think your company offers a friendly environment, more business for you, isn’t it?

5.    Stylish Textured Backdrop:

A textured background set or wall is a unique idea for any stylish or formal headshot photoshoot. You can use a textured indoor or outdoor wall and add a blurry effect to focus on your portrait only.

You may need to work hard on the post-processing of the photo to adjust the photo’s sharpness, brightness, and lighting.

These were some ideas for photography sessions in the studio or indoors. But when we are talking about the headshot background, nature will never disappoint you. So, here are some more ideas about the outdoor photo background that you may find suitable for your project.

6.    Blurred Forest Background:

Many photographers opt for working outdoors because of the bright natural colors. And if you can find forest, flowers, or any land full of colorful leaves in the spring and golden leaves in the fall, that will do the tricks perfectly for your photos.

7.    City Landscape:

When your client is looking for a photoshoot representing sports facilities, or any outdoor work-related service, the city landscape can be a perfect backdrop. Like the textured backdrop, you have to use the bokeh effects on your camera to blur out the background.

Other unique ideas could be your facility’s open and arched corridors, old roads, sidewalks, and rooftops. You can have the amazing features and subtle shapes of the architectural structures to give you a natural textured background in these places.

8.    Use the Street Arts and Murals:

Do you know the best way to find out a fantastic outdoor backdrop? Roam around your city with your camera for a day or two. And you will find breathtaking street art on the walls and roads.

If you frequently get a job for fashion, clothing, or styling, these murals are enough to add an aesthetic and chic vibe.


While brainstorming what headshot background you should use, you should first think about the client’s work and what he wants to represent in the photo. It would be best if you had a conversation about the expressions because headshots are all about their facial expression.

Work on the tone, coloring, and contrast of the clothing and the background, and take a few more snaps to find out what suits better with the theme of the photo.

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