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Lenovo Matebook X Pro Price And Highlights

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Lenovo smart laptop series includes the best laptop that is Lenovo matebook pro. This laptop comes with a great and improved processor with smart glasses offer that had the ability to give you a mi image for up to 6 hours.

Lenovo matebook pro price may vary in different countries. You can also get high-quality speakers to maintain the sound quality of these Lenovo matebooks. This boom speaker can help you to enhance the abilities of sound and audio on your laptop.

In this article, we’re going to discuss all the important information revealed about the Lenovo matebook pro price. We will also discuss some highlights and then we will have a brief look at its price and glasses pricing also. So let’s check in.

Highlights Of Lenovo Matebook  Pro

The new version of Lenovo smart glasses runs on the best Harmony OS. The price of this smart laptop may vary in different countries according to currency rate. Its processor is now modified and got brittle changes Had a great battery timing with lots of other features.

Other highlights include its features which are its great display with full view and its great storage space. You can have this matebook at different prices according to the storage space and intel core processing. If you want a high-quality process with great storage space the price would be different than lower processing and storage space.

Overview Of Specifications Of Lenovo Matebook  Pro

  • It had the best intel core processor with a great working capacity of i7 and i5 high processing.
  • It comes up with the great 12 GB RAM and 512GB ROM and also 1TB NVMe SSD cared storage
  • Also, have new and modified windows 11 for free installation
  • It contains the best LTPS display of 14.2 inches.
  • It had the best 90HZ  refresh rate and 92.0 screen-to-body ratios.
  • It contains a multitouch screen with P3 wide color gamut support
  • 710p webcam and 6 speakers with 4 excellent microphones.

Lenovo Matebook  Pro Price 2022

Now let’s check out its price. Lenovo matebook pro price at CNY is almost 9499 which roughly makes 1,11,900 with just 5i internal core and 16 GB of storage. So you have to pay a lot just for one processor.

If you want an intel core i7 model and 156 to 512 of storage you have to pay CNY 10,499 which is almost  1,23,700. Just for this, you got an excellent matebook but if you want a higher storage space like 1TB you have to pay more. It is available in lots of colors like silver, space gray, and others.


In this article, we discuss all the important details of the Lenovo matebook x pro. We also discuss its price according to its modifications and quality range. Its storage space and inter-processing. The price difference varies all over the world but overall Lenovo matebook pro’s price is reasonable according to its high-quality work.

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