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Knowing kundan artificial jewellery set: From Everyday to Wedding looks

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Knowing kundan artificial jewellery set: From Everyday to Wedding looks

Kundan artificial jewellery set for Indian brides attracts everyone’s attention. Without the wonderful touch of lovely jewelry, a bride is still lacking. It has long been held that pearl kundan set raises a bride’s beauty to new heights.

Overview of Kundan jewelry set from ancient times 

Indians have left behind some amazing, traditional, and antique jewellery. One such customary piece of jewellery produced by the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, kundan, not only brings honour to these two states but also to the entire country.

Do you know Meena Kundan? This version features Meena work in the form of enamelling (done with colours and patterns) on the backside side and Kundan design on the front portion of the jewellery piece.

Kundan is a jewellery style that was popularised by the Mughals and introduced to the nation. The usage of a highly refined and pure type of molten gold is explained by the fact that the word Kundan itself signifies highly refined gold.

India’s sought-after epicentre for Kundan jewellery has long been Jaipur. It also goes by the name Bikaneri jewellery. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s role in the movie Jodha Akbar may be difficult to forget from a cinematic perspective, but did you know that she wore Kundan jewellery a lot to highlight its popularity among Rajasthan’s royal family? Other movies that have profited from Kundan jewellery include Devdas and Paheli. Without a doubt, Kundan jewellery has gained enormous popularity among.

Kundan wedding jewellery inspiration from Bollywood Brides

Bollywood has long served as an inspiration for a wide range of things, including the newest fashion trends and speech. Let’s be transparent about how frequently we go to Bollywood for inspiration for different things, particularly when it comes to “huge large Indian weddings.” There are fairytales. The Virushka wedding was pure fairytale perfection. Anushka donned a Sabyasachi lehenga that was pale pink and detailed with silver-and-gold metal thread, pearls, and jewels. Her traditional jewellery, which included a mathapatti, tiered necklaces, and jhumkas, was really stunning. The Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry brand creates bridal jewellery by hand using baroque Japanese cultivated pearls, pale pink spinel, and exquisite uncut diamonds and kundan. 

In perspective of market share, Kundan Jewelry gave the most to the Indian jewellery market in 2006, accounting for roughly 73% of both market value and volume. 

The Specialty of Kundan artificial jewellery set

The ethnic necklace is the focal piece in each set of Kundan jewellery. The necklace can be made in a closed collar or choker form. It may be light (when worn with heavy bracelets) or elaborately embellished. Today’s fashion emphasis is on lighter items that are appropriate for wearing to parties rather than bulky ones saved for weddings or other formal occasions. In fact, Kundan earrings can be worn as a complete outfit for evening wear. Better off with less!

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What to look for when purchasing Kundan ethnic jewellery set?

Purchasing Kundan is similar to purchasing an heirloom. It must be genuine to its regal worth and historical significance. Can the production process be streamlined in any way? How can the Kundan lover in you determine whether the product you are purchasing is real?
The Kundan jewellery becomes more “intricate” and “true” to the color as it gets older. Second, real crystals set in Kundan have a dense look, but crystals set in artificial Kundan have translucent, shimmering looks due to the usage of glass rather than crystals. Additionally, colored foil is placed beneath the stones to provide the illusion of color. Nowadays kundan set for weddings comes in artificial jewellery as well just to match the appearance of the Lehenga. The bridal kundan jewellery set is a new taste of the wedding buzz. They are easy to carry and have no worries about losing them. Because they are much more affordable and give a more stylish look. To get affodable collection in kundan dulhan jewellery set  visit our artificial jewellery online store Swarajshop.

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