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Introduction to MATLAB and its Features

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MATLAB (an abbreviation of MATrix LABoratory) is a proprietary language, created by MathWorks, for doing multi-paradigm programming and numeric computing. It’s popular for matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, algorithm creation, and interfacing with other programs. Several professionals take Matlab assignment  assiatnce for their projects. It is extensively used by professors at colleges all over India to conduct exams. Although MATLAB is principally intended for computing with numbers, an optional toolbox employs the MuPAD symbolic engine, giving access to symbolic computing abilities. MATLAB was originally designed for mathematical modeling.

With its support of static numeric data, it has proven useful in areas like control systems engineering, mechanical systems analysis, image processing, and also academics for linear algebra and advanced modeling. A recent development has added capabilities like the ability to handle dynamic data from flat files, databases, cloud storage, data acquisition hardware, and live financial data feeds. This app has many uses, for example, for running complex machine learning models and creating mobile and desktop apps. Assignment help experts says that the concept is indeed tough though interesting.

Features of Matlab

 High-Level Language

Matlab is a high-level programming language that has, among other things, data structures, control flow statements, functions, output/input, and object-oriented programming. It allows both the quick, throw-away creation of programs and the full development of a large, more complicated app.

Interactive Environment

MATLAB provides an interactive environment that encourages experimentation, design, and problem-solving. It’s a bunch of tools that a programmer can use. The suite has abilities for dealing with the variables in the workspace and exporting/importing data. It also has tools for programming, handling, debugging, and profiling MATLAB files.

Handling Graphics

It offers handy built-in graphics useful for data visualization, and tools for generating custom plots. MATLAB holds specialized instructions for creating two and three-dimensional data visualizations, animations, image processing, and graphical presentations. Moreover, it includes low-level instructions that allow users to fully modify the appearance of graphics or even to build complete GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) on MATLAB.

Mathematical Functions Library

This book includes numerous mathematical functions needed for computing statistics, linear algebra, numerical integration, filtering, Fourier analysis, optimization, and solving differential equations.

Application Program Interface (API)

MATLAB’s API can be used to create programs written in C, C++, and Fortran that communicate with MATLAB by employing dynamic linking, the reading and writing of MAT-files, and executing MATLAB as a computational engine. To access MATLAB data, the user can either make use of the MEX API or the Matrix API.


A Toolbox is a package that contains functions designed for a specific purpose and the documentation which helps users utilize those functions. MATLAB, Apps, Data, and Examples come with every Toolbox. To share with others, MATLAB files can be compiled into Toolboxes by individual users. Mathworks Toolboxes are available for use, in specific applications like text analytics, image processing, signal processing, deep learning, and more.

Accessing Data

With MATLAB’s integrated environment, it is super simple to read data from a variety of sources, including CSV, audio, images, and video.

Interfacing with Other Languages

Different kinds of libraries, written in languages like Perl, Java, ActiveX, or .NET, can be directly called from MATLAB, and a few kinds of libraries for XML or SQL can be implemented by using Java or ActiveX libraries as wrappers.

Data Processing

It offers a large library of functions for linear algebra, Fourier analysis, filtering, statistics, optimization, numerical integration, and solving ordinary differential equations. MATLAB’s numeric routines can be used in parallel, running on clusters and in the cloud. Parallel Computing Toolbox divides its training across multicore CPUs, GPUs, and computers that contain multiple CPUs and GPUs.

Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Beyond Statistics

With MATLAB, there are very simple MATLAB commands for creating and interconnecting the layers of a deep neural network. The scripts are very short and equally effective compared to other languages. Utilizing automated feature selection and built-in hyper-parameter tuning allows the user to modify machine learning and deep learning models with relative ease.

Text Analytics

The Text Analytics Toolbox has different tools to pre-process, visualize, analyze, and model textual data from sources such as news feeds, equipment logs, surveys, social media, and even operator reports. Models made using this toolbox can be used in many different applications such as sentiment analysis and topic modeling. The models can also be combined with other data sources to make machine learning models.

Multi-Platform Deployment

Machine learning models may be exported to other MATLAB and languages like Java, Microsoft .NET, Excel, Python, C/C++, CUDA (parallel computing platform and programming model developed by Nvidia), enterprise IT systems, or the cloud. Or, machine learning models may be deployed to MATLAB Production Server for integration with web, desktop, database, and enterprise applications.


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