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Instagram Polls: Add on Your Videos & Stories and Make Them Engaging

by Robert Tom
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Add on Your Videos & Stories and Make Them Engaging


Short Definition

What is an Instagram poll, and what is its value for marketing on social media? click here to be utilized in the posting of stories. It is among its functions that people can ask their followers to give comments and play games and define contests and prize winners and have some enjoyment.

Presently, Instagram offers two different options to share stories. The Emoji slider and the poll with writing opportunities.

This is a lovely sticker for people who do not want to make an effort. Just move the slider to the left.

However, Instagram story polls provide users with two options which they need to select the one they think is the most.

Learn How to Do Instagram Polls

The issue that requires a solution is how do I conduct what’s called an Instagram poll? Let’s look at the steps you need to follow to create a truly unique, exclusive experience.


Use the IG Mobile App

It’s impossible to access this feature from desktop devices. Use the app in the same way, using the same login credentials. Find the camera icon at the left side on the left side of your screen. Go to the Stories section.


Decide on the Poll

In the top part of the screen, users will notice the icon of a sticky note. Click it to reveal all of the options. It is possible to go for the slider option or opt for the classic yes-no-question. The answer is contingent on the person’s motivation who is influencing them.


Set It Up

Find the sticker labeled POLL. Naturally, choose the questions, and responses will be requested. The more specific the questions are the greater chance of participating.


Post It

When everything then just hit the button that reads “send.” In this case, the person who is in charge has several options. One option is to make the survey available to all the interested people. Another option is to mail it out privately to those who may be interested.

This time, the decision comes down to with goals of marketing. Perhaps a larger audience can be more beneficial in terms of collecting data. Maybe it’s an instance where the proprietor is interested in the opinions of just a few.

As you can see, the process is easy and quick. Anyone can design the kind of poll they want and enjoy the most enjoyable experience by using videos or images.


Share the Poll in a Group

Are you still unsure how to conduct an influential poll on Instagram? Continue reading to find out and complete this task effectively!


Use the IG application on a mobile or tablet

Scroll down to the feed and tap the icons for Messages (a white plane) to open DMs. It’s on the right edge in the top right corner.

Create a group discussion. check now for marketing your business. The owner, however, should consider in advance the people they want to group in this section. It’s easy to do by tapping on the + (+) symbol icon. Start adding the users you wish to of the poll.

Then, open the camera, and take a photo or video

On the right side of the display, the user will notice a sticky note in which they can record their survey choices.

Choose the appropriate format suitable for POLL and then choose the most appropriate design. Write the question others may receive.

If YES or NO is the default choice in stories, individuals can alter them as they feel it is appropriate and also creates additional reports.

Additionally, the marketer could send them a personal message to persuade the users to join.


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