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Influencer’s Guide to Increase Instagram Engagement Rate

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Instagram Engagement Rate

How to increase your Instagram Engagement price has turn out to be a chief topic of discussion in social media circles currently.

Gone are the times wherein without a doubt having numerous Instagram fans meant you could making it big as an influencer.

Measuring an influencer’s engagement rate has end up the maximum crucial metric for brands who are trying to collaborate on a new marketing campaign.

As an influencer, the capacity to degree and preserve a sturdy engagement charge is important to touchdown extra significant partnerships with manufacturers but it has not gotten any less complicated with Instagram’s algorithm trade.

Why Influencers Need High Engagement Rates

In a nutshell, any interaction through your followers with any of your posts is considered as engagement, whether it is inside the shape of likes, feedback, or saves.

Needless to say, having a high engagement fee on Insta offers you huge credibility together with your audience. It suggests manufacturers you are a person who can definitely impact others.

“Owning a product primarily based business myself now, the primary thing I examine when both someone asks to collab with us and whether or not we need to technique someone is their engagement and additionally the exceptional in their engagement.

We want to paintings with a person who knows the way to construct a connection with their target audience and interact them to get the fine ROI.” -Amanda Campeanu, Brand Photographer and Instagram Strategist, Plush Content Co.

As an influencer, a high engagement rate also shows that you post terrific content that resonates along with your followers.

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Influencers with a excessive engagement fee are able to pitch brands for higher partnerships when you consider that they may be constantly in search of influencers who can power loyal customers and income to their business.

First off, you want to identify what your contemporary Instagram engagement is to recognize how an awful lot you could enhance…

How to Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate

Unlike the alternative social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, Instagram does now not have a separate dashboard for you to research your engagement fee.

Needless to mention, the way to without difficulty calculate your Instagram engagement has always remained a troublesome venture.

You can both calculate it manually or use a device to routinely decide your current Instagram engagement fee.

Calculate Your Instagram Engagement Rate Manually

Engagement rate is calculated by the ‘total engagement’ received over a particular length, expressed as a percentage.

Here’s the system:

Engagement = (Likes + Comments)/ Followers

Let’s say you obtained one hundred fifty likes on a specific put up and 50 comments.

One hundred fifty+50 = 200

Total variety of fans = 2000


Typically, your posts from the final 30 days will give you a robust indication of your modern overall engagement price.

Instagram Engagement Calculator

If you’re no longer a math wizard or don’t have a calculator accessible and are trying to quick get an replace of your universal engagement fee, you could use an Instagram engagement calculator to expedite the system.

Simply upload in your Instagram handle and it’ll calculate your average engagement price for you!

Instagram Engagement Rate Tools:

Compared with manufacturers who can effortlessly song their campaigns with agency software tools, influencers may additionally have trouble attempting to find out the proper effect of their posts in the event that they lack the right Instagram equipment.

Here’s is a list of third birthday celebration gear to help examine the overall performance of your Instagram account:

Simply Measured:

Measured is a superb Instagram engagement fee tool to look into how some distance and huge your emblem reaches on Instagram. Show to be a associate that facilitates you plan your posts within the right direction, sponsored with the aid of reliable data.

Here are a few matters you will be able to accumulate through the use of this device:

•          New and total follower growth fee.

•          Performance of your hashtags.

•          Videos –  perspectives, retention, conversions.

•          Benchmark overall performance towards the opposition.

•          Social conversion funnel – to determine out how all of the sports increase your bottom line.

•          Analytics record.

•          Feedback on photographs.


Iconosquare helps you control your posts on multiple Insta money owed on the same time, making it the correct tool for freelancers or agencies that want to effectively control time even as managing one-of-a-kind debts. With Iconosquare you could:

•          Understand how posting frequency is related to your fans.

•          Shows comments and interactions on every put up.

•          Ready library of on-the-go content material.

•          Media library of excessive-resolution photographs.

•          Schedule posts.

•          Track follower boom, gains, and losses every day plus hold a tab at the location of followers.


Keyhole focuses on offering real-time comments for your Instagram account for influencers.

Additionally, the device lets in you to :

•          Evaluate overall performance of a specific hashtag, keyword or account trending currently.

•          Get an insight into your own sports.

•          Track competitor’s Insta account.

•          Easy to study dashboard with pre-described KPIs.


With their in-depth analytics device, Squarelovin offers you metrics on your latest posts and growth, a month-to-month evaluation, and a records of your posts damaged down into yr, month, day, and hour.

•          Gather usual engagement – ordinary perspectives and follower counts plus individual metrics on each submit.

•          Figure out the quality times to put up.

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