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How To Get More Followers On Facebook For Business Account (10 Tips)

by Angilina
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How To Get More Followers On Facebook For Business Account (10 Tips)

There is no doubt that Facebook, with 44.85 million users in Britain, is the giant of the world of social media -when you consider that Great Britain has 66.65 million inhabitants, is it pretty impressive, right? Companies, therefore, have great opportunities to get active followers on Facebook, but do not believe it:

  • Two Hirds from Facebook users visit at least one business page on the platform every week.
  • -95.8% of marketers for social media described Facebook as the best platform for ROI.
  • Facebook is described as the most popular direct store page.
  • 57% of consumers agree that social networks influence their purchases and call 44% Facebook the most influential platform.
  • What must we do? Small companies that want to expand their customer base and improve their end result must really have a Facebook website.

Having a page is one thing, but to get all the above benefits, you need followers. Did you know? Consumers who follow a company on Facebook are 79% more shopping there. So let’s immerse ourselves in our top 10 tips to get more followers for your Facebook account for companies.

10 Tips to get more followers for your Facebook account for business

Here are ten tips to expand your Facebook account, get a lot of likes on your Facebook Pages, and attract the attention and loyalty of your target market.

Add links to your website

Do you know the small Facebook symbols that you see at the end of the e -emails and in the corners of websites? Yes, you have to use them. Add a Facebook link at the end of your marketing -Emails, blog posts, and website, and consumers would rather visit and follow their Facebook page.

Keep the interests

Most people don’t like this page because the contributions are not interesting. Enter your followers by publishing content that meets your needs or solves your problems. Industrial news, product launches, and content behind the scenes can arouse your interest.

Add the “Follow” button

You can continue by adding a button to automatically follow your Facebook page with the browser without leaving your website. Consumers do not necessarily want to be diverted to their social media pages while surfing. Adding this button removes all obstacles.

Use Facebook Social Plug-Sins

Use the Facebook page (former “cost-face) and plug in other social networks, websites, and blogs. One button in addition to a blog post increases the shares, but a page -plug-in can enlarge the likes.

Start a competition

Who doesn’t want to get anything for free? Performing a competition, a giveaway action, or advertising on your Facebook page is a very simple but effective way to increase the number of successors. Studies show that 39% of Facebook users follow the page to gain access to a special offer. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Here is an example:

“Only this weekend we will give a basket full of our bestsellers away to a happy winner. All you have to do to win a prize must follow our site and mark two friends in the comments below. Happy! ” This is a double attack because you not only get the first user who sees this offer to follow you, but also two of your friends, who honestly also want to get the giveaway action.

Become a member of large industrial groups

If you are related to groups with your company, you can increase traffic on your company website. If readers like what they have to say, they will float over their name and see their above, which must contain their business page -UR.

Messages consistently

The key to the user’s dedication and therefore to followers is regular and consistent without overloading the page. The latest research into when to publish on Facebook is bombed. A study into the performance of Facebook -posts showed that the commitment of the second mail decreased by 50% because company pages were published twice a day. Our advice? Consider once a day. You must publish content on your website at least three times a week to use the platform.

Timing is also important

It is not just about how often they post, but also when they post. This varies from company to business. You must therefore use old -modes of common sense to determine the best place for your company. For example, if you sell objects for children, posting your target group, the parents, probably means your content during school lessons. On the other hand, if your target group is a company, the goal is increasing to focus on peak times, their chance to be noticed. Common sense is not the only tool you have. Facebook insights give you a lot of valuable information about the behavior of your followers and what …

Optimize the SEO of your account

Just like your website, you can optimize your Facebook account for the search query. Use relevant keywords in the Title and Information section. Make sure your profile is complete and contains a consistent name, an address, and a telephone number. Connect your account via the website and other social media accounts.

Make usable content together

One of the most effective ways to bring new followers to every social platform, including Facebook, is to create useful content. We have already mentioned videos and competitions, but this can go much further. Detestable content is everything that your current followers immediately see with friends and family and want to share them. So it can be:

  • Funny
  • Informative
  • Attractive (as a gift)
  • Novative etc.

Remember that contributions on social media do not always have to be about promoting their products and services, but their followers can benefit from their followers. Think of things like gifs, memes, videos, etc.

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