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How to Deal with Travel Anxiety 

by Robert Tom
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How to Deal with Travel Anxiety 


Do you have sweaty palms from fear of flying, mid-flight turbulence, long security line, packed train, heavy traffic, and the unknown? 

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Traveling is not always fun for people with travel anxiety. Travel anxiety is not a medical condition, but it is a real experience for people who go through it. This anxiety occurs when the protective part of your brain becomes active and goes into overdrive. It is simply your brain’s way of protecting you from dangers. 

Travel anxiety is a combination of mental and physical reactions to your triggers. This condition is usually triggered by thinking about traveling or traveling, but the triggers vary for different people. Symptoms of travel anxiety include feelings of restlessness, hypervigilance, rapid heartbeat, trouble staying asleep, panic attacks, and nausea. 

If you stay at home while your friends and family vacation abroad, travel anxiety might be holding you back. 

Being in new and strange places can lead to travel anxiety. Staying away from the safety of your home can throw you into panic mode. You may also feel nervous and insecure about visiting new places. Interestingly, there are some steps you can take to manage your symptoms.  

Tips to help overcome anxiety about traveling 

Rather than the excitement, some people feel about traveling to relax or see new places. You may be overcome with the feeling of fright because of travel anxiety. You can install roof rack basket to avoid stress about packaging. 

Travel anxiety can make a fun vacation a stressful one for you. It can prevent you from enjoying your vacation.  


  1. Know Your Triggers



Knowing your triggers can be quite complicated because it is different for everyone. A combination of factors like environments and genetics may contribute to it. For travel anxiety, your triggers are those things that increase your uneasiness when traveling.  

If you have been living with it for a long, you probably have an idea of what events trigger your symptoms. Some travel-specific triggers include fear of getting lost, stress from planning the trip, fear of height, and concerns over how to pay for the trip.  

Knowing your triggers will help you work through them.  

  1. Make Plans For Certain Scenarios 

Travel anxiety usually stems from the fear of unknown circumstances that make you ask many “what ifs”. While it is not possible to be prepared for every worst-case scenario, it is possible to make plans for common and your most-feared scenarios, such as: 

  •  Keep your phone and a map or guidebook in case you get lost.  
  • Before you travel, buying travel health insurance will help you worry less about being sick while you are away from home.  
  • An emergency credit card and contact information of someone that you can contact will help you when you lose money or run out of money.   
  • Rather than giving in to fear of the ” what ifs”, prepare for these scenarios ahead of time.  
  1. Use Distractions



It is common to focus on your symptoms when you are traveling. One way to manage this is by bringing lots of enjoyable distractions that you can focus on instead. Whether video games or books, consider bringing your favorite activity with you.  

Divert your attention to happy moments, use affirmations, focus on your breath, do some stretches, plan what fun activities you will love to do, focus on your aim in your trip, and get a massage.  

  1. Buddy Up

Travel with a buddy if your heart races at traveling alone. If you choose to travel with a friend, you might be more adventurous and open. A friend will make you have fun, but you might also be encouraged to try new things.  

Ensure your friends know about your anxiety and what you need. They might be able to assist you in dealing with your symptoms and increasing your sense of security and having that one person will help you have a relaxing trip.  

  1. Make Sure Everything is in order at Home



For some people, their travel anxiety centers around the things that could go wrong while away. As you plan for “what ifs”, plan for potential mishaps at home.  

Planning for responsibilities at home will help keep you at ease while away. Ensure everything is in order by getting a friend or house sitter to provide you with updates and help you take care of the home.  



Travel anxiety interferes with your enjoyment because it is no fun. If you keep getting bothered about the unknown, the feeling of unease can be triggered. Regardless of your method of traveling, you can develop travel anxiety. Therefore, addressing them will start an exciting chapter for you.  


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