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Flow Regulator to Control Fluid Pressure

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In the process and manufacturing industry, pressure regulators are commonly used to control the pressure of the fluid. The main reason for using flow control regulators is to maintain safety. In many industrial applications, various dangerous gases and liquids are used to make a process happen. Therefore maintaining constant pressure is necessary to prevent leakage or to reduce the risk of explosion.

These regulators are not useful only for the industrial sector but they are also widely used in other applications where it’s necessary to maintain constant pressure and regulate this pressure safely throughout the system. 

Here we have listed the places where electronic pressure regulators are used:

Pneumatic Systems:

A flow control regulator is used in the pneumatic system to manage the compressed air and its pressure. These pneumatic systems run on air pressure to perform the designated tasks. For instance in air guns, electronic air pressure regulators drive the motor with the pressure of the air to tighten the screws. These guns are commonly used in the assembly line of car manufacturing units where they are used to attach various parts like doors, panels, dashboards, lights and tyres firmly. These screws can be tight with the help of manual tools but they will not be tightened as firmly as done by the airguns. That’s why, it’s necessary to use airguns so that the parts of the car do not get loose.  

Gas Grills:

Flow control regulators are also used in the gas grills to provide accurate pressure of the propane gas as per the need. These regulators help the user to set a value of the pressure and that pressure is constantly maintained to cook the food precisely. As we know that each food item requires a specific temperature or the pressure of the gas.

To cook the food precisely it’s necessary to maintain the required pressure. This pressure  can easily be achieved with the help of low pressure regulators. These regulators decrease the pressure and maintain the pressure until the completion of the cooking process.  

Medical Devices:

In the ventilators and anaesthesia machines, a precise amount of oxygen and essential gases are provided to the patient. It’s necessary to use a precise concentration of oxygen and maintain pressure as per the need of the patient. This concentration and the pressure of the gases are maintained with the help of the flow control regulator. 

If any fluctuation occurs in the set pressure then it can make the patient more ill and can be very dangerous. To get the precise value of the oxygen pressure regulators are used with the medical devices. The main reason for their wide use in medical devices is the accuracy of the results and the numerous benefits offered by them. 

Final Words:

Today, flow control regulators are getting more and more popular among people and their use is increasing in domestic and industrial applications with time. They are the most efficient devices that empower the user to precisely remove the fluctuations of the pressure and set the value of the pressure as per the need of the process. 

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