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Everything you need to know about IPC/WHMA-A-620 Examination

by Robert Tom
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This article will cover all your doubts regarding the IPC/WHMA-A-620 examination and why IPC a-620 training centre are more convenient than self-study. And for convenience in this article, the certification will often be referred to as just IPC 620.

What is IPC/WHMA-A-620?

IPC 620 is a certification for people who are interested in quality assurance of cable and wire harness production. The certification is a quality standard that specifies the requirements and acceptance criteria for cable/wire harness products.The Associations- Institute of Printed Circuits (IPC) and the Wire and Harness Manufacturers Association(WHMA) collaborated on this initiative and made IPC/WHMA-A-620 the standard for cable wire quality assurance.

About IPC and WHMA

IPC- IPC stands for Institute of Printed Circuits and was founded in 1957. IPC programmes and services are used by over 3,000 firms throughout the world to improve their competitive advantage and financial success.IPC is a global trade organisation dedicated to helping its members achieve competitive excellence and financial success in the electronics sector.

WHMA- WHMA or the Wire and Harness Manufacturers Association was founded in 1993. The association works on three principles- lead, educate, and connect. The Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association is committed to providing its members with technical assistance, cutting-edge technology, and the ability to network with industry leaders in wire processing equipment, services, and production.

Features of examinations

To get the certification, one has to clear the IPC examination. And just like every other examination, there are some attributes of the exam that you might want to know. Let us look at some of the most basic things about the IPC 620 examination.


There are no such eligibility criteria for this examination; you need to pass the exam to get the certification.


The topics that should be covered to clear IPC 620 examination are given as follows:

  • Wire and terminal requirements
  • Soldering criteria
  • Soldered requirements for connecting to terminals
  • Hardware installation
  • Crimp requirements
  • Wire interconnection requirements
  • Wire welding requirements
  • IDC terminal requirements


How to prepare for the exam?

To prepare for the exam, there are some things that you need to give attention to. Firstly, you should decide are you comfortable with self-study or if you need an IPC a-620 training centre. Even though it depends on the individual it is advised to opt for training classes and we will review this in the next section of the article. First, here are some tips for you to follow while preparing for your exam:

  • Tip1-

Invest in a decent study material. There are some qualities you can check before buying study materials and before you start studying. Make sure to look at the content, you cannot see the quality of content just by a glance but make sure that all the necessary topics are present in the material. A good material might also have model test papers and sample papers for you to solve.

  • Tip2-

Manage your time properly, it is easier said than done but fix a schedule and start fixing goals to cover all the topics. In this way, you’ll also be able to save time for practice and revision.

  • Tip3-

Practicing is the key to acing any exam. You should solve sample papers and practise questions every now and then. This will not only enhance your knowledge but also makes it easier for you to understand the question pattern. It will also boost your confidence for the exam as you have already solved similar questions prior.

Why coaching centres are a better option?

  1. They have the experience and can give you great insights on the topics, examination, and certification.
  2. Training centres will provide you with relevant material that is not only of good quality but also reliable.
  3. You don’t need to do everything by yourself, with training centres you just have to follow their lead and study.
  4. You can do better time management because a training centre is most likely to provide you with a fixed schedule.
  5. They are more reliable and your probability of passing the exam increases significantly with them.

Merits of certification

It is a skill-based certification and you can land great jobs in the field with this certification. It also recognizes your abilities and experience on a professional level. With that,it also measures the level of expertise in a specific product or technology related to wire/cable assembly. Some Customers expect high-quality service from trained, technical experts and they seek to hire professionals with such certifications. It also increases your practical and theoretical knowledge.


The IPC/WHMA-A-620 certification is extremely helpful for the people who seek jobs in the particular industry we previously discussed. Anyone who seeks to give the examination should follow the above-mentioned tips and might want to consider a good training centre.

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