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Decrease Your Cancer Risk with Simple Lifestyle Change

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Cancer is becoming increasingly widespread in the current age and time. Many people are getting affected by cancer, either contracting the disease themselves or someone else in the family. One could look around and find so many families who have at least one person who has battled cancer or is battling cancer right now.

This has a lot to do with the present-day lifestyle and how the earth has transformed over the years. Simple things have turned poisonous such as air and water. Many cancer hospitals have come up in the last few years, especially the cancer hospital in Bangalore has been the most notable of them all, with some of the best oncologists in India.

There must be awareness of cancer amongst the public that simple changes in our lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer in people. Although cancer has to do with factors that are beyond our control as well, some things can be practiced at a personal level to prevent cancer as much as possible.

Cancer and itms Types

Cancer is determined by the uncontrolled proliferation of cancerous cells (mutated human cells) that form polyps and tumors in the body, which hamper normal bodily functions. Many types of cancers are present today, and almost every part of the body (internal organs) may fall prey to cancer.

Some of the highest and most common types of cancer in India that are treated at the Cancer Hospital in Bangalore are:

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the leading type of cancer and is present in both women and men. Breast cancer is mostly due to genetics and to do with exposure to various radiations or chemicals and even internal hormones in the body.

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer in women is sharply rising and is one of the deadliest types of cancers in women. This is because there are very few symptoms and most patients go undetected for this type of cancer.

Oral Cancer

Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus and digestive tract is another leading type of cancer mainly due to the consumption of tobacco-based products.

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is more common in men than women. It is mainly caused by smoking and exposure to heavy metals and powerful chemicals or radiation exposure.

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is also very common these days amongst men. Most cases go undetected due to the lack of symptoms in the preliminary period.

Changes in Lifestyle to prevent Cancer

Several studies have been conducted to narrow down the causes of cancer in otherwise perfectly healthy men and women. As per the Oncologists and researchers at the best cancer hospital in Bangalore, there are certain measures the public can take to prevent cancer from a young age, such as:

  • Avoiding chemical-based exposure (professionally)
  • Avoiding exposure to radioactive elements or radiation
  • Avoiding tobacco-based products
  • Avoiding alcohol consumption
  • Chemicals in fast food may cause cancer such as preservatives and taste enhancers
  • Avoiding direct sun exposure for long periods
  • Being physically active and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle
  • Keeping a watch on blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure etc
  • Avoiding excessive stress and indulging in stress-relieving hobbies
  • Getting annual medical tests done after the age of 40

These are some measures one may take to avoid cancers at the preliminary level.

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