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Cell phone testing methods at a Cell Phone Repair Shop

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Mobile testing involves checking the quality of a phone that includes either software, hardware, or pre-installed applications by the manufacturer. Hardware includes the cell phone’s outer body, buttons, screens, camera, battery, and its ability to turn on or off cell phone and charge. In contrast, the software includes Battery life, multimedia, call quality, and other things. These parts are checked initially because of their susceptibility to damage. 

A stringent set of repeatable tests are run at a cell phone repair in Idaho to check a cell phone.  Because of our dependence on cell phones, keeping them in a good position with minimal chances of failure is important. If you want an excellent testing procedure for your cell phone that you bought from someone else or your present phone, look for an Idaho cell phone repair store with the experience, warranty, and reliability. 

Testing Cell Phones at a Cell Phone Repair in Idaho 

Following are some testing methods that are done at a cell phone repair shop in Idaho for diagnosis purposes: 

  • Cold testing
  • Hot testing 
  • Unit testing
  • Factory testing 

Cold testing method 

Certain values will appear during the fault-finding process; they should match the standard values. Some of them are:

  • Earphone connector tip (+,-): .500 to .700
  • A loudspeaker (+,-): .300 to .600
  • Battery connector tip (+): .400 to .500
  • Display connector supply pins: .250 to .400
  • Camera Connector Supply Pins: .250 to .400

Look for a store with expertise in performing this method, as a slight mistake can miss out on a problem that can cause serious damage to your phone. Fixit Pro, a well-reputed and experienced phone and tablet repair company, can be a place where you can trust this process. 

Hot testing method

The second method used in diagnosing and repairing a cell phone is the hot testing method.  Normal values for this method are the following: 

  • Earphone Connector Tip (+, -) during working: .0 to 2.5
  • Loud Speaker / Ringer Connector Tip (+,-) during working: .0 to 2.5
  • Battery Connector Tip (+): 3.7
  • Display Connector Supply Pins: 1.8 to 2.9
  • Display Connector Signal Pins During Working: .0 to 1.8

Unit testing

In this kind of testing software and hardware of a cell phone is tested at different phases by the professional at Idaho cell phone repair. 

Factory testing 

It includes testing for any problem that might have occurred during the assembling process of hardware. A good store should test the applications and hardware components after repairing the device and assembling components, like a cell phone repair store in Idaho. 


Always look for a store that can perform the above methods with great expertise and experience as the diagnosis and cell phone repairing process holds a lot of importance in expanding the life of a cell phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stages of mobile testing?

The stages of mobile testing include the following; 

  • Strategie making and preparation of the testing. 
  • User intermediate check and useability test. 
  • Compatibility check. 

Why is mobile testing essential?

Mobile testing or device testing is essential because it helps validate a mobile phone’s functionality, appearance, and performance. Some optimized applications allow a seamless and error-free mobile phone experience, leading to better performance and added functionality. You can refer to a cell phone repair in Idaho for more services. 

Is device testing the same as mobile testing?

Device testing is not the same as application mobile testing. The former refers to testing the mobile device in terms of hardware, software, appearance, touchscreen, efficiency, etc. In contrast, the latter means testing an application on a mobile device to see its success rate on the selected device.

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