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Causes of Bad Breath to Look For

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Bad Breath

Bad breath is troubling and can leave you awkward when you are in a crowd. Though this is one of the common things we experience. I am sure most of us have experienced this at one point in our lives. The experience can be quite troubling for anyone to deal with. These food particles promote the growth of oral bacteria in the mouth and can be the reason that you are suffering from bad breath. Other than this, cleaning your teeth is not only part of oral hygiene.

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. I remember one of my coworkers even went to a renowned dentist in Lahore to get the treatment. Though later it was found that she was suffering from an oral infection that was then treated by her dentist. So, the experience with bad breath can vary from person to person. 

Just like all the other things such as the severity and extent of bad breath, bad breath can come from many different reasons. There are many things that can cause it and even the ones you can’t think about. 

What causes bad breath?

Want to know more about the causes of bad breath? Let’s know more about this. 

1- Poor oral hygiene

Just as we know, poor oral hygiene is one of the primary causes of a stinging mouth. When you are not cleaning your mouth regularly, then this might lead to the accumulation of food particles. These food particles promote the growth of oral bacteria in the mouth and can be the reason that you are suffering from bad breath. Other than this, cleaning your teeth is not only part of oral hygiene. But it also takes in the cleaning of your tongue as oral bacteria can also be trapped here. 

2- Bad food choices

I know you love garlic pasta but have you ever noticed how bad your mouth smells after eating it? Yes, we all know this. Garlic is one such food that can make your mouth smell bad. Not only this but onion as well can do the same. Further, many other vegetables and spices are known for this. So, if you frequently consume these foods then this might be the one reason that you are experiencing a stinging mouth. The reason behind this is pretty clear as these foods contain the odour causing properties that immediately impacts your breath.

3- An imbalanced diet

Next in the list of bad breath causes comes the role of an imbalanced diet towards bad breath. We have been warned several times to not eat too many sweets because it will cause cavities in our mouths. Right? Other than oral cavities, one more impact of these high sugar diets comes from the fact that too much sweets consumption can promote the growth of oral bacteria in your mouth. Further, a diet containing too much protein can release odour causing sulfur compounds that can make your mouth smell bad. 

4- Digestive health troubles

Many people suffer from a variety of digestive health problems and suffering from these problems can make you develop digestive health issues. Yes, you heard me right. There is enough scientific evidence that proves the role of stomach problems causing bacteria towards halitosis or bad breath. No matter what digestive health problem you are suffering from, make sure that you get it treated right to get rid of the problem.

5- Oral dehydration

Dehydration is worse and you will be surprised to know that oral dehydration is one prominent cause behind a stinging mouth. The reason is pretty clear, in the absence of enough water in your mouth there will be compromised saliva production in your mouth. This compromised saliva production is the real culprit behind your stinging mouth. So, yes oral dehydration can make you develop bad breath.

6- Medication

There are many medicines’ side effects we know about. However, do you know that some of the medicines can make you develop a stinging mouth? Yes, this is because these medicines can alter the production of saliva in your mouth and this is one huge reason behind bad breath. When your mouth is dry this is definitely going to reduce the production of saliva in your mouth. So, yes sometimes it’s not you but the medicines. Not only that, but onions can accomplish the same thing. This is also true of many other vegetables and seasonings. So, if you eat these meals on a regular basis, it’s possible that this is the cause of your stinging mouth. The explanation for this is simple: these foods contain odour-causing substances that affect your breath right away.

Bottom Line!

Many different things can cause bad breath. Other than these, infections in your mouth can also make you sting badly. No matter what’s causing it there are many home remedies that can help you to get rid of a stinging mouth. However, if nothing seems to work for you make sure that you consult your dentist.

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