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10 Best Samsung Headphones Review 2022

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1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy buds are designed with plastic components, but they are slim in appearance, and are extremely light. These Samsung Galaxy earbuds seem to be sturdy and have elegant details, such as the wingtips of rubber. That are barely noticed and give additional support.

earbuds Samsung

With the help of with the Galaxy Wearable App. You can adjust the settings of EQ including. The bass boost feature, as well as soft clear or dynamic boosts using the Samsung earbuds. You can also select a feature that lets you read your notifications using the Galaxy earbuds.

A dual-microphone built into the device is designed so that it moves between microphones in order to minimize background noise and provide unobstructed audio of the voice. When testing the device, everything worked exactly as it should.

You’ll receive the IPX2 waterproof Samsung wireless headphones. Three distinct silicone tips for ear and wing, and a 252 mAh charge case as well as a USB-C charging cord. The included wing tips provide a perfect fit, and the soft silicone allows for comfortable long-term use.

You can configure the long-press feature for Samsung earphones using the Samsung Galaxy Wearable App (only accessible through Android) Select the desired volume (up to the left, or down in the middle) or just begin Bixby (with an extended press on either earphone).

The charging case included along with Samsung wireless headphones is slim and robust and is ideal for carrying in your pocket when you’re not at home. It’s sturdy, featuring a lid that snaps shut and magnets to keep the earbuds secure when they are not in use.

The exterior of the case is equipped with a light that indicates how much battery is in the case as well as a display inside the case shows the remaining battery until the earbuds are fully recharged. Additionally, on the rear of the case, you’ll discover a USB-C charge port that allows you to recharge the case via its USB cord.


  • Samsung Galaxy buds Samsung Galaxy buds come with up to 6 hours of battery life The charging case offers an extra seven hours of battery.
  • They are suggested for general athletes since they stay securely in place, without becoming uncomfortable or sliding off during vigorous activities like running
  • The control panel with a touch interface provides an easy way to access call and playback functions as well as virtual assistant and Ambient Sound feature activation.
  • It is easy to charge Galaxy buds wirelessly. Galaxy buds wirelessly with the charging case
  • The Samsung Galaxy Wearable app gives information on the levels of battery in the Bluetooth buds after they are taken out of the cases
  • Additionally, with the help by Galaxy Wearable app, you can use the Find My Earbuds’ setting which will aid you in finding your earbuds when they get lost.
  • The earbuds will allow you to hear outside noises, offering you additional protection when you’re out and about
  • Great connectivity
  • You can set the preferences for each earbud.
  • Support for Bixby and Google Assistant


  • If you’d like to know the amount of battery the Samsung wireless earbuds hold it is necessary to utilize the LED on the outside of the case since you are unable to access this information via Samsung Galaxy Wearable. Samsung Galaxy Wearable application.
  • It’s not ideal in the event of windy weather in which case the earbuds give a bad sound because of noise disruptions
  • AptX support is not included
  • Only IPX2 water-resistant design
  • There is no volume control available on board.

2. Earbuds Samsung Gear IconX

earbuds Samsung Gear IconX are the enhanced version of all the earlier Samsung earbuds thanks to an incredible feature list and the outstanding overall performance.

The earbuds from Gear iconX come with a tiny charging case that is made of plastic, however because of the peculiar shape, the earbuds are very uncomfortable to keep it around constantly. We think the charging case in question can be carried in a backpack instead of inside pockets.

earbuds Samsung

On the side of the case is an extremely small Bluetooth connection button which allows rapid pairing. Although you are able to pair with an iOS device however, some options like the ability to coach in real-time or ambient sound transmission can only be controlled by using an Android device.

The Gear iconX Manager app gives you access to your fitness statistics, however, you’ll need to download the Health app by Samsung and connect this to Gear Manager for access to your running logs.

Whatever device you choose to use Android or iOS controls for playback. They aren’t the standard mode that is specific to any operating system. You can pause or play music by tapping once and skip songs with three or more taps and change the volume using an up or down swipe.

Double tapping also allows you to answer an incoming call, while tap once and holding will block the call. Double-tap then hold down to choose a song from your music library, since Samsung Gear IconX comes with the most impressive built-in storage of 4GB space.


  • These Samsung headphones can last five hours battery lifetime in the event that Bluetooth pairing is utilized when local music, it can be played for 7 hours or more without the need for recharging
  • Excellent sound quality is provided through headphones like the Gear IconX earphones
  • When they are connected to a device. The samsung bluetooth headphones turn on and will connect to your phone in a flash.
  • They are made of IPX2 sweat-resistant material.
  • The ear tips are constructed of silicone, which keeps the earbuds secure when engaged in intense activities.
  • If you only spend 10 minutes in the charging case, you’ll be able to get about an hour of running time.
  • The case can be recharged using an USB type-C cable
  • Unique internal memory capacity – 3.4 GB of memory allows you to create up to 1000 songs
  • Battery life is extended
  • For use indoors the earbuds have settings that boost the voice of those who are next to you


  • While you can train without the use of a mobile but you’ll require the Android application
  • Playback buttons with touch sensors
  • A number of settings cannot be accessible through an iOS device. There are a number of settings that cannot be accessed via an iOS
  • The workout recordings don’t always match up.

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3. Samsung Level on PRO Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

samsung galaxy headphone Level on PRO Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones Samsung Level Pro Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones are an on-ear Samsung headphones that are designed to be used with smartphones according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

samsung headphones  Level on PRO Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

They have a chic style, but they have some of the overall appearance of the other headphones. Two cups can be removed to allow you to easily change to bigger head sizes while however, they are large and comfortable.

They are a bit like similarity to Beats headphones, however we must acknowledge that they’re not as attractive or visually appealing also. The Samsung headphones don’t stand out due to their design.

The exterior is constructed of plastic, and the padding is faux leather. Additionally, the entire thing is cleaned to eliminate the shine this is the reason why the metal headband is rather typical.

The level of Samsung Wireless headphones are the first thing you’ll notice upon opening the box they’re packaged in. Everything else you may require is conveniently placed on the center, including the carrying case, USB charge cord 3.5 millimeter audio cable as well as a manual for the instructions.

By a simple double tap on the right cup , you can pause and resume playback. Swiping up or down lets you control the volume. By swiping either way (right/left in the case of viewing by the sides) will allow you to skip through your list of songs.


  • High quality, good sound
  • The product comes in a pouch for carrying
  • Affordable noise cancellation features even if the setting is disabled, they provide somewhat sound cancellation
  • It is compatible with nearly every Bluetooth device It can be used with almost any Bluetooth device, including iPhones, Android phones or laptops.
  • Samsung’s personal codec is designed to transmit 24-bit 192KHz
  • Headband that is comfortable thanks to the padding
  • Broad-range connectivity, it works across a wide area
  • The manufacturer claims that the battery is able to last for up eleven hours listening or talking activities when ANC is turned on ANC activated or up to 23 hours with no ANC feature.


  • Not suitable for athletics since they tend to be too loose to be able to sit in one spot.
  • Flat appearance
  • The headband may be to be a little snug for some people.
  • Samsung Level On Pro headphones do not come with cups that rotate.

4. Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

This Samsung Level U wireless Bluetooth headset is extremely comfortable to wear and has excellent audio quality, and a long battery life that can last as long as 11 hours. It is a neck-style around-the-neck light design that is perfect for people who are constantly traveling.

samsung wireless headphones

The Level U headphones are ideal for those who don’t appreciate having their ear tips sucked into their ears. They are very comfortable in-ear headphones. The neckband that can be moved is lightweight and is able to rest on the neck’s back without causing any discomfort to the wearer.

The Samsung wireless headphones are available in black or white sapphire, which is a seamless blend of black and blue. When you wear the band around your neck, it will provide a snug fitting with no tension or cable tangling.

However, you can adjust the slack on the cable by sliding it through a small loop of rubber backwards or forwards. One interesting aspect is the fact that the earpieces snap magnetically in the event of not being used.

The ear tips that come in the pack are more precise than standard ear tips found in other brands. Samsung calls them an ear gel with a shape that is perfectly inserted into the opening of the ear canal.

There are also three different sizes of ear gels (small medium large) and a fourth one that has a stabilizer which comfortably rests upon the inner ear.

For the controls of Samsung Level U headphones can be found on the left part of the band. Although Samsung states that the product functions properly only using Samsung phones however, the Bluetooth headphones can be connected with all Bluetooth devices such as iPhone. Therefore, the controls work using the master volume of Samsung devices as well as independently of the volume of other devices.

Additionally the volume controls can be used for tracking navigation (and it worked well on an iPhone) while the main button could use for play/pause as well as calls management functions. The middle of the neckband houses the power/pairing switch as well as an USB port.


  • In the event of an incoming call These Samsung headphones vibrate
  • Correctly placed controls
  • Because it is gel that forms the principal material that is used to make the earbuds are able to penetrate
  • Samsung says that the battery’s lifespan can be extended to 11 hours of conversation or 10 hours of listening to music.
  • The magnetic backs are useful for Earbuds
  • The controls provide a satisfactory tactile response
  • Since they don’t go through your ears, temperatures isn’t a problem in your ears when using these Samsung Earbuds
  • Flexible and solid neckband Not prone to breakage because of physical stress
  • One USB charging cable is included inside the box
  • Level U comes with a dual-mic noise cancellation feature which blocks out background
  • Controls are user-friendly, and well-placed to facilitate use.


  • If it is not foldable, it could be difficult to pack these headphones
  • There is no bag to carry the items in the package
  • Audio cords may be too thin, and may break easily
  • The Samsung earbuds could become loose during vigorous exercise

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5. Samsung Active in Ear Headphones

The Samsung in-ear headphones have small dimensions, making them one of the lightest headsets available. They come with contoured-winged ear cushions for better stability, and improved noise cancellation characteristics.

samsung galaxy headphones

The drivers of 12 millimeters are designed to provide clear and crisp sound, as well as enhanced audio quality. Furthermore to that, the Active in-ear headset comes with an in-line volume control and track controls as well as an in-built microphone which are excellent options for those who aren’t looking to stop their daily routine for changing the music or making a phone call. The package includes four different earbuds included in the package.

Samsung Active In-Ear Headphones Samsung Active in ear headphones are perfect for people who move around a lot. They offer a blend of quality audio and stability, available in a classy and compact configuration.

The 12 mm speakers provide impressive sound for people who are active. The ear gels can be made to mold with stabilizing wings for more comfort and comfort over the course of use, as well as security during workouts.


  • Lightweight headphones with tangle-free cords that allow for use at any time without any hassles
  • They are supplied with an 3.5 millimeters 4-pin set-up.
  • Built-in hands-free microphone that is capable of calling, messaging with volume, and managing track.
  • In-line remote for managing volume, tracks or calls
  • The headphones include four pairs of eargels included, which are ideal for ear shapes that are distinct or dimensions
  • Vast 12 mm drivers
  • Soft ear gels with a well-contoured shape assist in blocking noise from outside
  • These Samsung headsets can be used to any Android phones
  • The Bluetooth headphones can be wonged or not, they are offered in various sizes and exquisitely extravagant


  • One person claimed that an ear became inoperable after just two months
  • Double tapping to select/play/pause only works in conjunction with Samsung Music app

6. Samsung U Flex Bluetooth Headphones

U-Flex Bluetooth headsets are the upgraded version of Samsung’s Level-U headphones. Like Samsung’s phones the headphones can be purchased in three different colours: black, blue and white.

samsung bluetooth headphones

Apart from that, Samsung U-Flex headphones come with some interesting features, including an USB micro port, magnetic headphones and a control for support that was specifically designed to work with Samsung’s digital personal assistant Bixby.

The button to activate Bixby is referred to as Active Key, being located in the left lobe in the neckband. It is possible to set it up by using an application called the Samsung Level Android app to activate various features, such as the timer, clock, Samsung Health or favorites.

The right-side lobe has the Play button as well as volume controls, a power switch and a hidden the micro USB port. Additionally, to answer calls you just need to hit the Play button, with a tiny vibrating light or flashing blue will notify you of the phone call coming in.

The Samsung neckband of the wireless headphones samsung is made of water-resistant silicone. A nano-coating technology safeguards the device from splashes of water. The two ends of the neckband are connected by two sleek and sleek cords that extend to the earpieces with magnetic contacts.

These magnetic caps make an excellent addition to wireless headphones. They also come with two-way speakers that have 11 mm woofers and eight millimeter tweeters (0.43 inches, 0.32 inches).


  • Balance and good sound quality.
  • Flexible and durable neckband while the earbuds appear well-built.
  • Very little or no sound leakage
  • The earbuds have magnetic backs that adhere to one another and make them easy to carry around and use
  • They are made with an angled fit that won’t put excessive pressure on the ear canal.
  • The layout of buttons and controls is user-friendly.
  • The button is distinct for voice assistance.
  • Sturdy enough for athletes
  • Samsung U-Flex headphones are equipped with Samsung’s Scalable Codec technology, which is ideal to block interference from Wi-Fi that can disrupt Bluetooth pairing.


  • Very limited in terms of personalization, even if not compatible in conjunction with Samsung devices. Very limited in terms of customization, if not used with Samsung
  • A rather large neckband when compared to similar products
  • The carrying case is not included in the package.
  • It is possible for headphones to fall away from your ears due of the neckband

7. Samsung U Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Over Neck Headphones

Although around the neck Bluetooth headphones are available on the market for some time in the past however for Samsung this is a relatively new market that they have created modern products in recent times. Beginning with the premium audio line called the Samsung Level range, Samsung extended its headphones collection in a continuous manner.

Samsung Headphones U Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Over Neck Headphones 1

Therefore this is why the Samsung Level U headphone became the latest addition to the line – it’s comfortable, sling-style, neck Bluetooth headphones which mix and match fashion and features that are comfortable.

The U headphones are ideal for those looking for high-quality music while traveling.

These headphones were built in a way that is ergonomic and permits for extended use of 10 hours of music listening time and 9 hours of talk time and the comfortable urethane joint lets you put the set on your neck without difficulty.

The wing earbuds provide the comfort of earphones, which makes these Samsung headphones extremely durable, light very comfortable. Additionally, thanks to the magnetic material inside the earbuds. They connect well, decreasing clutter when not being used.

Big 12mm speaker as well as the noise cancelling capabilities of the dual microphone system guarantee you’ll get the best sound quality.

Because of the plastic material that are used to make the body they are pleasant to carry around your neck for prolonged lengths of time.

The buttons are not as numerous but the majority of available buttons are located on the right side of Level U, which includes the volume or pause buttons. On the back you’ll find an unassuming on/off switch, which has tiny LED lights which shows the current condition of the device.


  • The neckband that are made of rubber are reinforced to provide excellent grip
  • They come with stable wings, ear gels. They stop the headphones from sliding
  • The life expectancy of the Level U battery can be up to 10 hours of conversation time or 10 hours of playing music , and 500 hours in standby mode.
  • Lightweight, user-friendly magnetic buds
  • High-quality and clear sound because of the Speaker Units of 12 millimeters
  • Noise cancellation properties due to the dual-mic. It also works also Echo Cancellation to reduce the impact of outside noises during calls.
  • High-quality mic and excellent sound quality


  • It’s not a good idea to distribute weight evenly The headphones could slide over your back
  • There is no warning of lower battery level, your headphones will stop abruptly
  • Not as great as noise cancelling headphones.

8. Samsung Power & Play Bundle – Active In-Ear Wired + 2100 mAh Battery Pack

The Samsung Power and Play Bundle is a package which includes the Samsung Active in-ear headphones as well as the Samsung 2100mAh battery.

Samsung Active In-Ear Headphones Samsung Active in ear headphones are designed for people who are active and provide comfort, stability and high-quality audio reproductions all in a stylish and compact setup.

Samsung headphopnes

The battery’s 2100 mAh capacity is perfect for charging devices on the go as well as a standard USB port output permits charging through smartphones and similar electronic devices that allow charging using USB.

Samsung Power & Play Bundle is everything you could expect from a headset made for those who are often at home because of the additional power and play in addition to the convenient charge and sound bundle.

Simply put: listen to your music wherever you like using the wireless headphones. You can listen to your music all day long thanks to the power boost provided by the battery’s 2100mAh mini-pack. These headphones in-ear mix ease, durability, stability and obviously, excellent audio quality.

The elegant design is enhanced with big 12mm speakers that provide Active sound.


  • Extra-comfortable for people who exercise or long-term use because of the ear contoured gels and the stabilizing wings that keep them from sliding
  • Gel material will block unwanted noises and provide a provide a better audio quality
  • The battery pack includes the USB connector that can be connected to Micro USB cord; The 2100mAh battery is perfect to recharge devices on the go and a standard USB port output permits charging through smartphones and similar electronic devices that support charging via USB
  • Fantastic controls for play/pause and volume control
  • Qualitative sound
  • Incorporated Original Samsung lithium ion batteries which give the best charge experience for Samsung and non-Samsung gadgets
  • The set comes with an additional set of ear-gears with different sizes to meet every person’s requirements


  • The cable is prone to become very easily tangled.
  • The answer control has the ability to resume or pause with no additional feature
  • Google talk is not able to be turned on while pressing the button.

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9. Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth

Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth headphones Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth headphones are regarded as the most secure Bluetooth headphones on the market. The set was created in an angular shape that is ideal to block out noise and maintaining the headphones securely to the ground.

They are primarily constructed in a typical in-ear rectangular shape. It has three buttons to control volume up and down, play/pause and a 10-mm – 8 millimeter woofer-tweeter mix.

Inside the pack, you’ll find four different tips to be used with earpieces, and the intention to be comfortable and suitable for all.

In light of the fact that it is the Level Active range is meant for people who are active and want to play their music while working out, Samsung added two distinct over-ear hooks and wingtips that are sized to prevent the headset from sliding when moving.

Whatever you look at it, these Wireless Bluetooth headphones are extremely comfortable once you locate the ideal the ear point, tip of the wings, or over-ear hook to fit your ears.

The headphones are constructed of plastic that connect to one another by a cord that is tangle-free. On the exterior, the earpieces have a metal disc which is decorated with the Level logo.

It can be used for the right or left earbud. By using small scratches located on left earpiece the disc made of metal can be openedand reveals the micro-USB port to charge.

On the left side on the right side, the disc features a power control that allows you to turn off or on it Level Active. The headphones come with an in-line remote to enable the pairing feature, controlling music playlists, responding to calls or rejecting them.


  • The Samsung headphones come with hooks that are designed to be placed behind the ear to help to ensure stability, stopping them from sliding in intense sports.
  • Materials that resist sweat and water
  • For those who play regularly in sports
  • Fantastic Bluetooth pairing that is stable even when exercising or running
  • The manufacturer states that the battery could last up to 5 hrs after just one charge.
  • You can answer calls even during a run
  • Excellent noise cancellation properties As high as 95% of all disturbances can be avoided
  • The earphones come with additional featureslike text-to-speech dictation, and reading notifications via apps you choose
  • You can pair it to Samsung fitness app for you to monitor your fitness and other data


  • The bass does not come with it.
  • If the phone isn’t near enough the phone is not in close proximity, the sound will begin to fade, and then cut
  • If it is stored in the backpack, it is very likely that your headphone will turn on and begin pairing with your phone using Bluetooth

10. Samsung HS130 Wired Stereo Earbuds

If you’re in search of an affordable pair of headphones that also offer excellent audio quality. Then the Samsung HS130 stereo wired earbud may be the perfect choice for you. Of course, they work well when used with an Samsung phone. But they can be used with any smartphone particularly the ones made by Xiaomi, ASUS, OPPO, Vivo or iPhone.

Samsung headphones HS130 Wired Stereo Earbuds

The headset doesn’t compromise audio quality, and provides decent, solid sound quality in an elegant design. The greatest feature of the Samsung headsets is their driver’s 10mm size and the fully-function in-line remote that incorporates a microphone for making calls is also a great feature to keep around.

The package includes headphones, soft small large, and medium ear pads. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable device that is as well-constructed, think about buying the Samsung HS130.


  • With a microphone built-in to take calls, send calls, and controlling volume. track management
  • Multi-purpose remote
  • Improved full-range high-definition
  • Small, light product
  • Comfortable, easy to wear for long hours of use
  • Available in green, blue white, black pink
  • Cords that are tangle-free
  • Three extra ultra-soft small large and medium ear gels
  • Great for Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/S8/S9 Note/Note 2/Note 3/Note 4/Note 5/ Note Edge/Note S6 Edge/Note Pro/Note 8/Edge/Note9/Tab/Tab2/Tab3/Tab4/Galaxy Tab/Nexus 7/Nexus 10


  • Sensitive headsets, which require care, should be handled with care
  • Cords tangle a lot
  • Certain reviews by customers showed that the product only lasted for a few months. Be wary when you come across counterfeit items

These are the top Samsung headphones to be released in 2020. If we had to choose for recommendations, we’d recommend Galaxy buds because it’s the most popular Samsung headphone.

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