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Best Questions to Ask Your Attendees in an Event Survey

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We were introduced to virtual events in the most unexpected way, but two years down the line, we are now used to attending and hosting the event through the internet. There are many strategies that the organizers take into account to execute the virtual event in the best way possible. While hosting an event the hosts take care of almost everything; from promoting to picking the right platform, organizers plan everything accordingly. However, one thing that gets overlooked by most of the organizers is collecting the audience’s feedback post-event.

They might not know that collecting the attendees’ feedback can make a significant difference. Understanding what the audience feels about your virtual event will help you understand your USPs and the strategies that failed. Apart from that, the fact that the organizers care for the attendees’ points of view will make them feel special and valued. It will also help the organizers create a bond between the attendees and the organizers.

In this blog, we will discuss a few questions that you can ask your attendees in your post virtual event survey.

How satisfied were you with the virtual event?

It is one of the most common yet very significant questions that you should ask your attendees post events. You can break down the entire event into a few segments and ask your attendees to rate them. For example, you can categorize the entire event’s layout in the Time, accessibility, relatability, etc. Also, apart from the rating, give some space to your attendees to add their reviews and comments. It will help you understand their point of view in detail.

What are the aspects that need improvement?

Though you might have put in your best, even you know there’s always room for improvement. You wouldn’t want to hear things, you should ask the areas where the attendees think you have lagged behind. Using it is a positive approach and will help you improve your further events and planning. Ask open-ended questions to the attendees, so they can freely express their opinions.

How likely are you to recommend this organization and event to your contacts?

It is another useful question to ask your attendees after the event gets over. It would show the amount of satisfaction the attendees had that they will recommend your event to someone else. Ask this question in the scale format from 1-10.

Did you find the virtual event engaging?

Audience engagement has been one of the most prominent issues why the majority of the audience prefers physical events over virtual events. Leveraging audience engagement tools in your virtual event is a great way to assure your attendees stay hooked to the event. If you have implemented this, then you should definitely consider asking the audience if they were effective or not. It would help you know if your strategy has worked or needs to be changed or improved. Depending on the audience and event scale, you keep the question open-ended or close-ended.

Was the event easily accessible or not?

It is another important question that should be a part of your event survey. Now that virtual events require an attendee to have some technical knowledge, it is another question that you can include in your post-event survey. You should ask them if they found it difficult to join the event or it was a smooth sailing experience for them. You can also ask if they found it difficult to log in or was the virtual event platform hanging in between the event. Apart from it, you can also ask them if the audio or video quality were good or if there were some glitches in between.

Not many event organizers understand that collecting the audience’s feedback and review about the event is as important as planning it and executing it. Apart from depending on the Key Performance Indicators to measure the success of your virtual event, having the idea of what the attendees feel about the event is really important. Though several organizers tend to overlook it, we insist you make this a part of your next event planning strategy and see the magic unfold yourself. It won’t only help you analyze your event closely but also improve the bond between you and your audience.

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