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Best Monsoon Treks in India

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Sar pass trek

Valley of Flowers Trek 

Valley of Flowers is a huge wide valley that stretches over 8 kilometers wide. The starting point of the trek is the Ghangaria village, which you can reach either from Joshimath or from Govindghat. Remember, Badrinath is just 25 kilometers away from Ghangaria village, so you can even visit the spiritual site of Badrinath. You can reach Govindghat via Haridwar, here you can either stay at Haridwar or head to Govindghat. From Govindghat, you have an option of taking the vehicle or trekking to Pulna. But Pulna village is the last place where the vehicles would end so from Pulna you must start trekking to Ghangaria village. 

The distance here is just a 10 kilometers trek to Ghangaria village, which you can do easily as the path is clearly laid to the valley. After this trek to Ghangaria, you can stay there for that night and there are many hotels available there. On the next day, the actual trek to the valley starts and you can start early in the morning but not after 11am as the officials may not allow after that. This is a small trek of 4 kilometers to the Valley and also an easy one to do. After reaching the valley you will be amazed to see the beauty of the serene nature that is studded with colorful flowers and thus makes everyone choose this destination for a best monsoon trekking. 

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Hampta Pass Trek 

The Hampta Pass Trek is a 4 day Trek that starts from Jobra, the base camp. The drive up to the Jobra starts from Manali. From Jobra the trek would be an amazing experience as the maple trees look very fascinating. In Jobra, you can take a halt and freshen up and head to the next campsite called Chika. Soon after the forests of Jobra, you get to trek to the Chika, which is an open grassland. And then you will have to go to Jwara meadows where you will see two valleys coming and intersecting at one place right in the middle of grassy landscape. Then on the next day, you will go to the next camp called Balu ka Ghera, which is just touching the snowline. 

While you are camping, you can see the Hampta Pass right in front of you, which is an amazing experience to witness. Now from Balu ka Ghera, you will be heading to Hampta Pass where you would hike in a narrow path along with a river flowing right next to you. Now you will flip over to the Spiti Valley which is a cold desert side of Hampta Pass Trek. This is the contrast that you would find with the earlier places of the trek, which are lush green. So in order to experience those fascinating moments, you should definitely try the Hampta Pass Trek. 

Bhrigu lake Trek 

Bhrigu Lake Trek can be done in 4 days. The journey to the lake starts from Manali and from Manali, you must drive for about 25 kilometers to the main campsite of Gulaba. If you start from Delhi, then you can try a night journey as you can comfortably sleep while also reaching the intended place. Bhrigu Lake Trek is a monsoon trek and you can visit from June to September. As you reach Gulaba after a 25 kilometers drive, you will start trekking to Rola Kholi, which is 10 kilometers away from Gulaba. Rola Kholi is also the first campsite of Bhrigu Lake Trek. After a 5 hour trek you will get to stay in Rola Kholi for that night. 

As you will be doing a long trek of 10 kilometers, ensure that you take enough water with you while you are trekking as there are less options available for refilling the water. And in Rola Kholi, you can stay overnight. From Rola Kholi, this day is for the final destination of Bhrigu Lake, which is a 10 kilometers trek. This is a steep one and you will encounter many mountain trails that you must cross to reach the wonderful site of Bhrigu Lake. 

Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund is the main place where the Beas river originates in Himachal Pradesh and the trek to Beas Kund starts from Dhundi village. The Kund is located at an altitude of about 3500 meters above sea level. The speciality of this trek is that from the very starting point of the trek, you will get to see some mighty mountains like the Hanuman Tibba. Then on the way you will find the boulder field that will reach Bakar Thach. And then finally to the most awaited Beas Kund location, which is mind blowing.  

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