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Best hospital in Multan for ENT treatment

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We say health is a state of complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellness. When we say we are healthy it is not just merely the absence of any illness, it can be anything. To be completely healthy it is important that our body and organs work fine. Our body works in coordination, if one organ does not work right it affects the other organs as well.

It affects your whole system when you can’t listen properly when you have a sore throat or a clogged nose. It further causes several problems and health issues. Every organ is important and every treatment is necessary. That is why ENT is a whole discipline in medical science to deal with the issues related to the ear, nose, and throat.


What is ENT?

ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat. ENT specialists treat the problem related to these body parts. If you have a hearing imbalance or hearing loss you need an ENT specialist. Problems like a stuffy nose or sore throat are also dealt with by ENT specialists. But it is not just these simple problems. The problems we think are minor can become serious if left untreated.

Conditions dealt with by ENT specialists

There are some conditions that are only dealt with by ENT specialists. Many people think that ENT specialists cannot perform surgeries. But ENT specialists also perform surgeries when needed. If you are from Multan, then Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital (MASH) is the best hospital in Multan for ENT treatment.  These are some conditions their ENT specialists deal with and provide the best treatment for:


Tonsils can happen to both adults and children. It affects different people in different ways, there can be differences in the conditions and the intensity. If you are having tonsils issues you cannot eat and enjoy everything you want, and if there is extreme pain in your throat that you cannot even swallow a thing you should immediately visit an ENT specialist. In MASH you can get the best treatment for tonsils with their experienced ENT specialists.


Sinusitis is another serious issue treated by ENT specialists. It happens when the cavity in the head gets swollen or infected. It causes severe pain in your head. And affects everything, your head, nose, eyes, and cheeks. Only an ENT specialist can tell the best treatment for sinusitis.

Ear infections  

Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital is the best hospital in Multan for infection treatments. They have a special focus on infection control and prevention. Infections are the most common in children, and often parents take their children to the hospital because of these infections. Infections can cause pain in the ear and this should not be ignored. If you are having pain in your ear you should consult an ENT specialist.

Lump in the neck

A lump in the neck can be very dangerous and if you feel even a little lump in your neck you should immediately visit an ENT specialist. The lump can start cancer if left untreated. Different specialists treat these issues differently, some people are at the initial stage their problem can be solved by medicines. But some people need surgery for taking the lump off their neck.

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Hearing loss

Hearing loss is a sign of aging. It can appear slowly and usually people don’t pay much attention to it. But if it gets serious and left untreated it can lead to complete deafness. There are different treatments for hearing imbalance or hearing loss. ENT specialists find the cause of hearing loss and then suggest the treatment.

Cochlear implant program

The cochlear implant program is the flagship program by Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital. The cochlear implant is a small device implanted in the year to increase the hearing and speaking ability. There are many children in Pakistan who are born with hearing loss and they need a cochlear implant. MASH is providing these services for underprivileged children with help of Baitulmal.

These services are not offered by other private hospitals in Multan and this makes Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital the best hospital in Multan for ENT treatment. Everyone should have an ENT specialist because these issues are equally important as other health issues, especially for children. Children need an ENT specialist more often because of allergies and infections.

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