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The Best GoPro for Mountain Biking With 5 Tips for Mounting

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Gopro action Camera

Finding the ideal GoPro suitable for mountain riding that fits your own style is an overwhelming task. There isn’t a single cyclist who doesn’t have an action camera attached to their helmet, or even on the bike itself. There are a lot of options currently available on the market and a variety of options to choose from, choosing the perfect GoPro suitable for mountain biking could be a daunting task.

The reality is that the most suitable GoPro for mountain bikes will depend on your requirements. You must, however, consider the features of the camera you buy.

So, you can make sure you are getting the most benefit from your investment. In addition to knowing what the most effective GoPros include. It is must know the correct method of mounting it onto your helmet, or handlebar. The correct mounting method will enable you to be sure that the GoPro won’t be able to fall off when riding on trails that are rough.

The Best GoPro for Mountain Biking: Getting the Best Model for Your MTB

GoPro has developed a lot over the last few years. It has developed amazing capabilities for its action camera, which allowed it to make its mark as one of the most reputable brands. From basic action cameras, the company was able to come up with a wide range of options. As an example, the brand comes with a camera that has 4K resolution, which can also stabilize and level images.

This is why GoPro action cameras have become one of the top brands sought-after among mountain biking enthusiasts. With GoPro users can record their every ride and post the videos on social media. However, selecting the ideal GoPro that is suitable for mountain riding might be a challenge because of the various models that the brand offers. If you’re looking to purchase the camera, these are a few of the top models to look at:

1. GoPro Max Action Camera

GoPro Max Action Camera

The great aspect of GoPro has to do with the fact it never breaks away from its standard templates and tries to incorporate innovative features in its design. This means that it is always adding added a new item to its collection of the top GoPro to use for mountain bike. The GoPro Max, it incorporated an option that allows the camera to function as an all-round camera.

It’s not the first time GoPro has tried to create an immersive camera. In 2017, the company launched GoPro Fusion, a 360-degree camera. GoPro Fusion, an action camera that could certainly capture amazing footage. But, people were not able to take an attraction to it since it was difficult to use. Because of this, GoPro has made sure that Max is easy to use. The camera is integrated in the GoPro app, which makes things super easy for users. It is all you need to do is capture a steady 360-degree video which is immediately shareable.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s the link to GoPro Max page on Amazon

After that, you must open the app, then click several buttons and it is responsible for all the other work. Additionally it is GoPro Max is GoPro Max is three cameras within one device. You can:

create 360-degree videos with 6K resolution.

shoot single-lens cameras and make HERO style videos with single-lens cameras

Furthermore, this action camera comes with six microphones built-in, which lets it record audio in 360 degrees. Another benefit of GoPro Max is that GoPro Max is that it includes a stabilization featureit’s called it’s called the Max HyperSmooth. The manufacturer declares that this attribute will be “the new king of stabilization.” This is a true claim, the aesthetic benefits from GoPro Max are quite impressive. GoPro Max are pretty astonishing. With all of these features it is clear this: the GoPro Max is the best GoPro for mountain biking. (1)

2. GoPro HERO 8 Black

GoPro HERO 8 Action camera

The GoPro was the most popular of action cameras by launching the HERO8 and an upgrade of Go Pro’s HERO7. gopro for kids HERO7.

The HERO 8 is announcing the HyperSmooth 2.0 that is which is a refined variant of HyperSmooth. After some tweaks and optimization, this feature currently has the highest quality stabilization built into many action cameras on the market.

This is why it is clear that the HERO8 (link on Amazon review and the latest prices) will provide high-quality footage while mountain biking. For those who don’t have much experience with cameras finding a good and stable video when cycling on rough trails is difficult. Because of this, it is crucial to get the most suitable GoPro for mountain biking like the HERO8. There are four choices for lenses:

Linear, distortion-free and unaltered




With these features mountain bikers will now be able to record videos of their trails from various angles. The camera is also equipped with the TimeWarp effect, which is controlled by an auto-selection of speed. This means that you’ll be capable of speeding up or reduce the speed of your video. Another feature that distinguishes it a great camera is HERO8 is that it’s water-proof and durable. This means that even if have to take a bike ride on rocky trails or in the rain, this camera can still function. It’s waterproof up to 10m or 33 feet. (1)

3. GoPro HERO9 Black

GoPro HERO 9 Best for Mountain Biking

The gopro for kids HERO9 is an upgrade to the HERO8 is possibly the most versatile camera GoPro has ever created. The new functions (front display) offer great advantages over the HERO8 predecessor. In this regard, it’s safe to say that this camera is among the top GoPro for mountain biking.

Two of the biggest improvements on the HERO9 is the front display and the brand new sensor. It now features the resolution of 4K on its newly developed 23.6MP sensor. This is why you’ll be able to make more detailed videos when in comparison to the HERO8 can offer. The most significant benefit the HERO9 offers is its electronic stabilization feature -known as that’s the HyperSmooth Boost.

See what a multitude of customers have to say about the HERO9 on Amazon using this link: GoPro HERO9 Black

This update means that mountain bikers will now be equipped to shoot videos with the strongest stabilization of the brand in all shooting modes. In addition the HERO9 comes with a brand new battery that extends the life of its battery by about a quarter. It also has the Scheduled Recording feature which lets you choose the time when your camera will record video automatically.

However the new software trick known as HindSight allows you to record an event that has already occurred between 15 and 30 seconds prior to the time you even press the shutter. Additionally, this camera is very durable and is what you’d expect from a company such as GoPro.

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4. GoPro HERO5 Session

If you’re in search of the most effective GoPro that can be used for mountain riding with a low cost, you may consider the HERO5 session. This mountain bike camera features the highest resolution in 4K that allows cyclists to record videos with a great deal of detail. Video stabilization enhances the quality of footage because it minimizes the shake as the video is captured. This feature makes the photos you record crisp.

Its GoPro Session is super small and can be mounted onto your MTB. The GoPro Session has been tested by thousands of faithful fans. Find out more information and have your questions answered by clicking this Amazon link: GoPro Hero5 Session

Additionally, the camera has a 1000mAh lithium-ion battery that is built-in.

5. GoPro HERO7 Black

Certain action cameras made great leaps for GoPro including that HERO7 Black HERO7 Black is one of them. It was the precursor to the HERO 8 and 9. In addition, it was one of the very first GoPro action camera to have it’s HyperSmooth stabilized image feature. In simple terms it was one of the main reasons why the top GoPro to use for mountain bike riding like that of the HERO 9 and 9 were designed.

The HERO7 is now available, with new features to the UI that allow you to record 4K video at 60 p. This is the reason why this GoPro model is an extremely polished camera for mountain bikers looking for an action camera waterproof.

Excellent video, the most recent firmware updates as well as the trusted GoPro brand name. Fantastic prices on Amazon link: GoPro Hero7 Black

Furthermore, this camera features 12MP sensors and the lens is wide-angle. Additionally, the video specifications are 4K with 60 frames per second as well as Full HD up to the maximum speed of 240fps. This video feature is able to accommodate 8x slowed-down video footage.

Additionally, GoPro boasts itself for its stabilization system. According to the company they claim that it is the HyperSmooth is the most effective in-camera solution for video stabilization and is not only suitable used for action cameras, but every camera. In addition is that the system’s mode of operation doesn’t put any burden upon battery life. HERO 7, 8 or 9’s battery.

In addition, GoPro also added the TimeWarp video feature to the HERO7. This is why it is possible to transform frame-by-frame time-lapse into a stabilized hyperlapse. This means you can capture time-lapse video without tripods, allowing you to move your camera as you wish.

5 Tips For Installing The Best GoPro For Mountain Biking

An action camera doesn’t just allow you to capture video of your entire trip. You can also take a video of your movements. This can include the unfortunate slip-ups, misdirected movements and improper placement of weight. In this way, you’ll be able to stop yourself from repeating similar mistakes again in the future.

Before you are able to take footage while on your MTB it is important to ensure that you’ve installed the camera properly. Even the most powerful GoPro to use for mountain bike riding won’t stand any chance of producing useful footage when it is constantly shaking because of a poor installation.

However, we have collected some helpful guidelines to help you attach the GoPro onto your MTB properly.

Use Best Gopro Helmet Mount

gopro helmet mount for Mountain Biking
gopro helmet mount

The ideal place to mount your GoPro is most likely your helmet (gopro helmet mount ). The majority of MTB riders prefer using the top mount in order to ensure that the bike’s vibrations does not impact the action camera. However, if you decide to place your GoPro on high on your head, it is important to avoid cycling at speed that is too high. This is because the speed at which you cycle can generate too much wind, which can end up impacting the overall quality of your video. Even the top GoPro to use for mountain bike riding can produce low-quality footage when the wind keeps shaking it.

Head movements can cause poor recording. If you’re looking to record footage behind, this is the ideal place to place your camera.

Install Gopro Handlebar Mount

How do you put a new gopro handlebar mount on a bike?

The most effective method to secure your GoPro handlebar mount of your mountain bike is to purchase a suitable gopro handlebar mount . This is the most suitable spot to attach your GoPro is the handlebar of your mountain bike. This method of mounting ensures that you’ll never need remove the adaptor the bike making it less likely to become loose over the long term.

Another advantage of putting the GoPro on the handlebar of your bike is that you’ll have a an ideal mounting spot. You can also capture videos of the trails right in the direction of your. In this way, you can provide viewers with the exact experience you went through on your bicycle ride.

With a solid gopro handlebar mount, you’ll be in a position to ride your MTB quickly without having to worry that wind will impact the quality of the footage.

But, the most effective GoPro used for mountain biking also gets subject to vibration. Because of this, you should attach it on the bar itself in order to keep it from absorbing excessive vibration.

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Use a GoPro Chesty ( gopro chest mount)

chest Mount Acvtion Camera body mount

The GoPro chesty (gopro chest mount) can be described as a belt worn by the chest to secure the most reliable GoPro to mountain bike. It is ideal for riding on rough trails. This kind of mount will offer you traditional views which frames your handlebars within the video.

I enjoy the perspective from a chest mount most when I’m riding. Looking at the handlebars as well as a small portion of the bike’s frame let you know that you’re riding an MTB. I have and highly would recommend this GoPro Brand Chest Mount (Amazon link) The cushioned chest pad is extremely comfortable.

A chest mount is the most effective tool for filming your fellow bikers that are riding behind you. It is possible to wear it backwards and you’ll be able to capture videos of bikers who are in front of you.

This kind of GoPro mount also provides assurance that your camera won’t fall when going uphill. Similar to mounting your camera to the handlebar the chesty of the GoPro chesty can prevent the wind from impacting the video’s quality.

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