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10 Best ENTP Anime Characters

by Zainliaquat
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Some people are not the best people to be friends with, at least not in high school or college. The most common reasons are “they’re the type of person who loves their anime and they like anime.” 

This is why you shouldn’t judge someone based on what they are into. People can pick many different types of anime but don’t let that stop you from liking them too. One good example is a show called Pokémon. However, one could say there are several great anime characters. But some of these anime characters are quite popular on social media sites. 

So if you want to find some of those great ENTP anime characters, you should consider this list. You will get a lot more information about any character you will try.

Makoto Uchiha:

He is so popular due to his adorable personality and is a very popular male idol on Tumblr. He has had several fans in Japan, mainly because of how he was the inspiration for Yakuza as well as the main antagonist in Naruto and all of the other manga series, he also had an amazing role in Attack on Titan. 

Fans like him so much for his charming smile, and sometimes forget he has done anything awful in the past besides having been the guy who took down Team Rocket in Pokemon. So although most people might think of him as a boy, we are sure he’ll not disappoint. That is why it is easy for him to become popular among people who are searching for similar personalities.

Yuji Hosoi:

He isn’t just popular because of being smart but instead for his love for anime. If you like reading anime then you might like him as a hero and a student, because he is a student trying to use to learn Japanese and study art. 

He is very charismatic and energetic, you would never believe he is a girl! Although he does have moments where he loses focus and gets angry when people stare at him, he always tries to regain his focus and never loses it again! And he’s pretty handsome, his hair looks exactly like a spider web and his character in the game shows how amazing he is.


Anikku is also known by her surname Jibou but she has a major fandom dedicated to anime and romance and her character is actually in the romantic comedy film Inuyasha (2012). She has also seen his real-life partner Yuno, which resulted from his relationship with another anime fan character called Yuya. 

She is so cute yet still has such a deep inner voice and heart. There are a lot of theories about her and even though there is no one to confirm them. Her name is based on the word Anika which means beautiful and sexy.

Miku Mouda:

He is well known for playing the leading part of Masai High School, but he knows better than most the things he likes, which include anime. His favourite kind of food is ice cream and he loves making new music. We all know what kind of person he is but we need to ask ourselves: which anime will you admire the most? As you probably already know he is a member of the Kaizo Club as well as a leader of the team “Chorin” or “The Light”. While the rest of us may be surprised by the fact that Miku has a serious face, this anime boy does not care about looks. And so we cannot wait to see what this brilliant little man will do next.

Yuki Takeya:

Yuki takes on two roles depending on who you talk to. Either she goes through a tough experience and becomes more powerful. Or she gets weak and starts crying, and so she needs the help of others who are going through the same thing. 

But her character is quite emotional and she tries to help out everyone around her whenever possible. Like a true princess, she can change people’s minds, even if they are wrong. It might sound simple but when you take into consideration her role that makes everything more complex.

Keiji Chiba:

He has a nickname called ‘The Big Red Monkey’ because he behaves like a big monkey which is his special trait. Despite his size, he feels strong but knows what his abilities are. He possesses superhuman strength as well as an ability to fly, he is also a skilled master of martial arts and he owns a large variety of weapons. 

Just imagine Keci as a monster, especially if you are looking at his fighting style! And lastly, he is a fighter since childhood. Keiji is a bit arrogant and cocky which leads to a lot of conflicts. He doesn’t believe in taking advantage of others, and so people end up hurting and harming each other. 

Although he loves anime, you can tell he hasn’t had the right amount of success so far in his career. But due to his character, he knows what to achieve so we hope for his future achievements.

Hidori Saizaki:

At first, he seems innocent and harmless, except for his violent side which is understandable. He is just an ordinary geek and a sweet kid. When we talked to them, I thought maybe he loves horror. 

Surprisingly, he is rather passionate about fantasy games like Dragon Age and Stardew Valley but he also believes in anime. Also from talking with Hidori, it seemed he is also fond of comics. 

He tends to talk about comic books quite regularly and when talking to me, he said he wants to write his comic book so we can have our adventures together. Besides anime, he also liked Harry Potter so we hope for his upcoming adventures.

Yasuyoshi Ozawa:

He’s known as ‘Miyagi’, a mysterious young woman who is believed to be an interdimensional spirit. Yes, there is a lot of stuff happening in Miyagi’s life but it is unknown who is Miyagi and who is not. 

Miyagi goes through an unusual process on stage called “picochis” to connect to reality. Not only does Miyagi communicate with people of various cultures, but she is also able to make new lives for herself from objects available in the world. 

She uses people’s imagination to change them. Miyagi also enjoys traveling, reading novels, and collecting toys. Her character doesn’t believe in violence but is rather gentle and humble. She is not as confident as Miyagi and her power comes from her connection to nature.

Yoshikawa Kinoko:

One of the characters she prefers very much. Most likely it does because of his beautiful face and he is just a very nice kid. He is very shy in front of people but once you start speaking to him and asking questions in general you will start falling in love with him. 

Unlike most other members of the club, he loves fantasy stories, anime, and watching movies. Although he used to belong to another club, he decided to join Kaiko and now is a part of the group. He is the lightest among the members but is also the strongest one. His character is very unique and he knows what he wants, not even to speak but to be someone else because of his talent.

Ichiro Yamaguchi:

He has his very own brand, Ichiro Yamaguchi. Ichiro is obsessed with anime and so he doesn’t have a hobby. A lot of people call Ichiro a nerd but Ichiro is very interesting and active. 

He seems to be a self-confident boy and he likes to go surfing in front of the ocean together with his sister, and it seems he loves being outdoors a lot. He lives in Yokohama city but lives alone with his family. 

It has been recently revealed that Ichiro’s father died after a long battle and this caused Ichiro to cry a lot. After hearing this news he made up songs while singing along with himself, something he has done before.

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