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Benefits of Data Collection App in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Data Collection App

Spending on mobile data collection app and other mobile technology will see major growth in the oil and gas sector. According to an expert survey, spending on mobile would increase from over $7 billion in 2015 to around $18.7 billion by 2020.

The research refers to this sector as “one of the essential markets in the world,” offering a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 21.7 percent. Spending will be highest in North America, next in Italy, APAC, the Middle East and North Africa, and finally in Latin America.

What advantages may oil and gas industry organizations anticipate from using mobile technology? In this post, “Benefits of a Mobile Field Service App,” there are four particular advantages that businesses may look forward to.

Current Information

For the oil and gas sector, real-time information is worth its weight in gold. Large quantities of information, such as the pumping rate, mud viscosity, and many other factors, may be collected via mobile apps and solutions. Decisions that can change the situation quickly can be made using that knowledge.

Real-time data, according to Cheng, “helps employees acquire the most precise information needed, which results in higher quality outputs. Wouldn’t you want to learn in real-time if production is increasing or decreasing?

Data collection

Field managers, derrick workers, geologists, and other professionals operate in the oil and gas sector and perform significant fieldwork. They must precisely and swiftly capture information. Paper has traditionally been used for that, which results in decreased productivity and erroneous data.

Additionally, the data collection app on laptops is usually too cumbersome to operate. According to experts, “workers in the field can acquire data easily and invest extra time on other elements of their job, which lowers downtime, using a smartphone or tablet.

With a mobile device, workers may organize and examine information more effectively than attempting to comprehend field notes.


Many diverse individuals need to work together since oil and gas organizations are frequently large and dispersed, with employees needed anywhere from the area to the office to traveling executives.

Technology and mobile applications make cooperation simpler and more efficient. As experts notes, “Since many firms operate across various nations, it’s crucial that operators, architects, and other executives communicate on projects.

By enabling these individuals to communicate and receive real-time information, owning a mobile device improves cooperation.


Tablets and smartphones may offer geolocation data for both people and resources. This makes it simpler to match the job that needs to happen with the personnel that is available. Precisely identifying geographical regions that contain threats also helps to increase safety.

“Location helps transmit data to the right person at the right time and in the right context,” says experts in his conclusion. Operational information in real-time reduces costs and problems.

Both petroleum & energy businesses will benefit from developments in the mobile device sector. A mobile data collection app can detect explosives for field personnel. The use of apps has risen as a result of the ongoing growth in network capacity.

The trend is moving away from standalone programs and toward mobile apps and business systems. This will not only help in the developmental programs but also help shape a better future.

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