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As a kid, you have a very happy enthusiastic fervour

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enthusiastic fervour

As a kid, you have a very happy enthusiastic fervour to try out as many extra curricular activities as possible. You are always on the lookout for fun ways to pass your time after getting done with the school routine and the pile of homework. The most fun and enriching thing about having extra curricular activities is just that! It helps break the monotony of the regular school work which sometimes starts to feel too overwhelming for the child. Having an interest in such activities will also give them time and scope for growing their skills and artistic capabilities.

Nowadays a lot of kids have varied interests when it comes to extra curricular activities. More often than not, their interests are usually tilted to the performing arts. Dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments are all activities that interest kids more than anything else. If you are looking for a place to start and encourage your child’s interest in music, it is best to explore musical instrument playing. Of all the musical instruments, the keyboard/piano is a great place to begin with.

While there is no particular age when your child can start taking piano lessons, it is considered ideal for them to start at around 6 or 7 years of age. However, there is no right age to start learning anything new is what we firmly believe. 

Learning how to play the piano is beneficial for three important brain functions. It helps stimulate the motor function, visual and auditory functions. Playing the piano consistently helps condition these brain functions to work well in harmony. Learning to play the piano is also known to help increase the IQ of the person while also helping increase their cognitive abilities. 

Apart from having abundant benefits in brain development, playing the piano also helps in honing the emotional and social capabilities of the child. They learn to healthily express themselves albeit through music. The emotional intelligence of the kids learning piano is also known to be higher than regular kids. They are socially more adjusted as learning the piano pushes them to be in social settings helping them manage their social skills and behaviour with peers. 

Playing the piano also helps in maintaining long-term changes that happen in your child’s mind. The brain of a musically inclined child is different from the one who has no exposure or interest in music. They are more empathetic, exhibit emotions clearly and in a better way and are extremely collaborative in nature. Learning to play the piano will also help a great deal with your physical posture, especially working on the back, shoulder, arms and the hands. Piano playing boosts better hand-eye coordination in the child as well. 

Piano is a great instrument to start learning music as it is very easy to learn the basics of it. But it is also one of the most difficult instruments to learn how to play which makes learning it all the more challenging and worthwhile. 

With the post-covid times and the infection scre looming large all the time, choosing competent online classes to teach your kid how to play the piano can be quite a task. Worry not, because we have you covered. Check out this piano course for kids.

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