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All About “ Nigersurus” What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

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The Nigersaurus came an internet viral meme sensation after the meme from Reddit, Nigersurus “ do n’t google the internet with what dinosaur has 500 teeth,” broke the internet. Frequently, a simple google bus- suggestion invokes some crazy events that enkindle interest in a particular matter or subject among the millions. The case of the Nigersaurus is also the same. This rapacious dinosaur, which lived 115 million times ago in the Republic of Niger, a small country in West Africa, was nothing like the meme! So, what did this unique dinosaur look like during its high time? And how was it discovered? Well, then we’re offering a brief discussion on this celebrated “ dinosaur with 500 teeth.”


Phillippe Taquet first mentioned Nigersaurus in a exploration paper in 1976. This French paleontologist first discovered the remains in 1965-1972 during an passage in the Republic of Niger. But, since there wasn’t a complete shell, the discovery frequently went unnoticed.


Paul Sereno, an American paleontologist from the Chicago University, conducted an passage in 1999 in Elrahz Conformation, Gadoyfaoua, in the Republic of Niger. He exhumed a complete shell of this rapacious dinosaur. Sereno and his coworker JeffreyA. Wilson again offered a description of Nigersaurus cranium and feeding habits in 2007. He also presented a complete plastic model of the dinosaur’s head to the National Geographic Society in Washington.

In his online journal Sereno made an entry on September 9, 2000-“ Nigersaurus, you might remember, we named for bones collected on the last passage then three times agone. This sauropod ( long-necked dinosaur) has an unusual cranium containing 500 slender teeth. A major thing of this passage is to find the rest of this unusual dinosaur so we can describe it and reconstruct it for everyone to see”

He also gave a detailed discussion on how the platoon discovered this unique dinosaur with 500 teeth. As per his description, “ While walking across a veritably flat area, Gabe made a remarkable discovery — the bones of a new factory- eating dinosaur lay incompletely exposed at her bases. She brushed down the beach from the upper jaw. Near lay part of the backbone and the hipsterism bones. This was a mean client — the bones are from a shell that would measure about 30 bases long! We hope to find further substantiation of this sharp-toothed critter as the field season goes on.”

Nigersaurus has come a content for internet memes due to its peculiar name. But, if you look nearly, the name is a scientific way of naming dinosaurs. This dinosaur has the scientific name Nigersaurus taqueti under the rubric “ Nigersaurus”, which means “ Niger reptile” or a reptile from Niger ( democracy of niger).


The species name also pays homage to Phillippe Taqueti, who first mentioned this dinosaur.

 Did it have 500 teeth?

Well, it did technically. Nigersaurus had a cranium with 500 slender teeth. Nut, all of these teeth weren’t endless. The total 500 teeth Nigersaurus had were composed of endless and relief teeth!

 What did this dinosaur with 500 teeth look like?

In short, Nigersaurus is analogous to the Sauropods. It used to have a lower head with ticker hind legs and a tail like any other dinosaur. It was only 9 m altitudinous with a femur of 1 m. As per paleontologists, they must have counted 4 tons. Hence, a Nigersaurus may have had a ultramodern giant’s analogous height and weight. Due to its body structure, it has a short neck with only thirteen cervical chines.


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