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10 Awesome Action Camera Body Mount

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Action Camera Body Mount

Action cameras let users record their adventures in innovative and thrilling ways. A large part of the excitement is in where and how you set up the action camera body mount. Are you looking to offer your viewers a full-on first-person perspective? Perhaps a less angled view will work better. Maybe the action should be shot from handlebars or even the auto’s hood. To help you think regarding how to capture for your next trip, we’ve compiled this list of 10 amazing body mounts for cameras that are action.

1. Action Camera Head Mount

Head Mount Action Camera body mount

Action camera head mount Perfect for taking first-person perspective footage Mounts for the head and helmet permit you to shoot videos from close to the line of sight. Make use of a head or helmet mount to record immersive videos for activities that don’t cause any impact, such as ski, rafting or hiking. When you’re constantly tossed around it’s a good idea to think about something that is more stable depending on the quality that you have on your action camera.

2. Gopro chest mount

chest Mount Acvtion Camera body mount

GoPro chest mount work well to shoot at an angle that is lower that your eye-line. They also offer an easier and more stable way to shoot dependent on the camera used and the activity. Make sure to avoid using a chest-mounted camera for those who do much running, though, as you could end up with many frames of footage that are framed by your arms moving upwards and downwards.

3. Shoulder Mount

Shoulder Mount action camera

Shoulder mounts are an excellent option for those who are in between body-mounts. They give you a better quality, more natural look than a chest-mount, however, they still place you lower on your eyeline. Shoulder mounts are great particularly for those activities in which you aren’t constantly or unnecessarily moving your body. For instance, riding a motorbike or bike.

4. Wrist Mount action Camera Body Mount

Gopro Action Camera mount

One of the most appealing aspects with mounted on wrists is the power you can exert over the settings of your action camera. While chest, shoulder, and head mounts can be great solutions for a broad range of tasks, they do not provide the same flexibility like a wrist mount. With a wrist mount, you can alter angles, the focus and the POV of your camera, without having to remove it.

5. Bite Gopro Mount

Go Pro Bite Action Camera Mount

Bite mounts are among the most specific mounts that we’ve listed since they’re designed to be used for only a few water sports that require two hands and surfing. However, despite their limited use they can provide some truly original footage. One drawback is that the act of putting the bite mount inside your mouth could impede normal breathing, which means that you could feel some more tired than you’re accustomed to. find out

6. Clip Mount Action Camera Body mount

Gopro action Camera Clip Mount

There may be a lack of a clear way to action Camera Body mount your device. This is where clip mounts are a great option. With high-tension jaws that are strong and durable clip mounts are able to be attached to clothes straps for backpacks or other similar items. Clip mounts need extra care when it comes to positioning on your action camera, but they can prove invaluable in situations where no other mounting options are accessible.

7. Suction Mount

Gopro Suction Mount action Camera body mount

There are many mounts that do not have to be put around the body. Suction mounts, for instance can be used to mount the action camera on all types of vehicles. Such as motorbikes, boats, cars and many more. Although you can put them on movable boards such as surfboards or sandboards etc.–they’re more suited to non-impact actions, as crashes can make the mounting fly away.

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8. Board Gopro Mount

Board Mount

If you’re looking to put the action camera on your surfboard or snowboard or similar vehicle, think about getting the board mount. Mounts for boards typically have strong adhesives, which will permit your action camera to stay put despite the force of impacts. If you’re planning to mount your action camera on an aqua board (surf skis, for example. ) Be sure to ensure that it’s waterproof.

9. Handlebar and Pole Mounts

Handlebar Go Pro Mount

Pole and handlebar mounts come with many uses. You can attach to attach your action camera to virtually any set of handlebars, posts or pole. You can capture exciting footage from bikes, motorcycles or four-wheeler. Use them to connect your camera to the ski pole or golf club paddle. No matter which you choose the footage you capture will be shot from an original and thrilling view.

10. GoPro Fetch Dog Harness – Official GoPro Mount

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness - Official GoPro action Camera bodyMount

Adventures aren’t just for humans, nor are action-moves. With a dog-harness mount you’ll be able to see the daily activities of the man’s greatest companion from his perspective. The quality of footage will depend on the dog’s behavior but the mount will help keep the action camera secure, and doesn’t hinder the movement. You’re a good dog!

Here’s the list 10 amazing action camera mounts that will inspire you to make some really exciting footage. Did we miss any? Leave us a question or comment below. If you’re in the market for a brand new action camera body mount, make sure you check out our latest action camera roundup.

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