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7 Ways Dissemination of Academic Research is Important

by Robert Tom
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Dissemination of academic research refers to the distribution of results of scientific research to the public. It helps researchers to give open access to the public to read their scholarly work. To put it in another way, dissemination is a process of spreading research results so others can get benefit from it. Such benefits may be in various forms, such as by putting a proposed treatment of disease into practice and by using the previously reported information for further investigation from other perspectives. In the same way, the researcher can also use a variety of methods to disseminate their academic research work. The following is a brief description of a few of them:

Different methods of dissemination that academic researchers can follow:

Mostly, students are well-aware of only peer-reviewed publications for communicating the findings of their work. However, there are several other methods as well, such as presentations in classrooms and symposia. Additionally, the reprints and publically shared software codes and databases are different ways of disseminating academic research. Making presentations and scholarly papers are a few things that help the researcher in the effective dissemination of academic research; thus, they must not compromise on the quality of these academic manuscripts. Assignment help online can be one of many other effective solutions if you are suffering from any of the quality assurance issues relevant to research presentation or posture creation. The following is a list of some effective ways of dissemination of academic research along with their brief description.

Try to make your paper and presentation reader-friendly:

The foremost thing that you must consider while making manuscripts for research dissemination is to focus on the language and tone. Let’s suppose for effective dissemination, you published a research article in a reputed international journal, but your target audience cannot get your point. In this case, your research cannot give benefit your audience. Thus, it is important for you to make your work reader-friendly.

Objectives of research must not be vague:

Clear objectives have the potential to hook your audience. Yes, in academic research papers and essays, authors have very limited space to include emotions and sentiments to persuade their readers. Thus, in a formal writing style, clear objectives help your paper disseminate more among people than vague and hard-to-read objectives.

Direct hit the target population:

It is up to you how you will decide the population for your academic research. Defining your target audience is not at all a difficult process. All you need to do is to think for a while about whom you want to read your paper. For example, if you are writing to find an economic, non-surgical, and effective treatment for a disease like Parkinson’s Disease, then after thinking for a moment, you become clear about your target population. That may be patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, healthcare providers, and even young researchers in this field. All in all, you have to write by keeping in mind your target population.

Never get away from the main purpose of your research:

The moment you de-track from the main research goals, the reader starts losing interest in your research. For longer and more effective dissemination of research among your target audience, focused description and to-the-point discussion are important.

Use proper channels so the target audience can get open access to your document:

Channels effective for dissemination of academic research vary greatly from setup to setup. For example, if you are doing research for a company and business, dissemination of facts and figures will be the responsibility of the body having the right to share it. For instance, if you are doing academic research to earn a research degree, you must use the power of social media such as Medium and Quora and help people solve their problems, especially those that lie under the umbrella of your research objectives.

Be confident enough to present your research in international symposia:

Verbal and written communications both are effective ways to disseminate academic research. If you are aiming to make your place in the research world, you must use the power of both. Academic conferences, both at the national and international levels, give researchers opportunities to share their research activities with thousands of people simultaneously.

Make posters so all researchers (novice or experts) can know about your research project:

Posters competitions are also arranged for the effective dissemination of research among students and experts. It is a sophisticated as well as an artistic way to share your research with others.

Bottom lines:

After all is said and done, it is important to disseminate academic research not only to benefit the audience by getting open access to new knowledge or emerging theories; but, it gives the researcher several benefits as well. The benefits that researcher can get includes popularity in their respective field, resolution of problems that are affecting people, and having an attractive research networking profile.

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