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7 Most Reliable 7kg Haier Washing Machines in 2022

by Robert Tom
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Washing machines have made our day-to-day routine a lot easier. There are plenty of models available in the Indian market for you to choose from. Haier, being so economical and feature-rich retains its place as the customer’s favorite. 

The Haier Washing Machine 7kg is one of the best-sellers in India. You can easily get these Haier washing machines on EMI. To help you narrow down your search, we present the top sellers of Haier washers to you, here is a list of the top 7 reliable Haier 7kg Washing Machines that will be perfect for your household purpose. Keep reading to know more!

  • Haier HTW70-178BK Semi-Automatic top load washing machine 

The Haier Washing machine holds a capacity of about 7kgs and is perfect for a family of 2 to 3 members. Some of the special features included in this top-load washing machine are that magic filter, and an anti-rash washing machine. It is economical and consumes less water and low energy consumption. It spins faster which results in drying faster too. The spin rate would be about 1300 RPM. It is available in black color and priced at around Rs. 13,000. If you find the cost hefty, you can get the washing machine on EMI. 

  • Haier HWM70-AE Fully-automatic top load washing machine 

The fully automatic top load Haier washing machine 7kg is perfect for a family consisting of 3 to 5 members. Since it’s fully automatic, you can on the machine and just relax. There is even an option for a quick wash that makes your shirt get ready in 15 to 30 mins. The spin rate would rage about 801 Spin RPM.  Some of the special features included are Magic Filter, Clean Pulsator, Child lock for security purposes, Oceanus Wave Drum, and the list goes on. Priced at Rs. 15,000 you can get this washer in Moon Light Grey color. 

  • Haier HTW70-1187BON Semi-automatic top load washing machine 

This Haier washing machine 7kg is a perfect model to look for if you are opting for the budget-friendly model. The components included in this model are the drain hose and an electric fuel type. Even though this requires manual effort, considering the cost and features present in this model. Some of the special features are 2 wash programs, spray, 1300 RPM, Anti Rat Mesh, and Castors. This model is available only in white color. The price is around Rs. 12,000

  • Haier HWM70-826NZP Fully-automatic top load washing machine 

The Haier washing machine 7kg includes some special features like Softfall Technology, and Oceanus Wave Drum, and also includes 10 Year Warranty on the motor. There are two cycles included in this model that includes Delicates and Quick Wash. The model has about 800 RPM maximum rotational speed. Even though this model falls on the quite pricey side, a washing machine on EMI will be the best option to go with. Available in Moonlight Grey, the price of this model is Rs. 21,000. 

  • Haier HWM70-826DNZP Fully automatic top load washing machine 

The top-load washing machine is one of the best models to go with if you are small or have a nuclear family. You can purchase this washing machine on EMI if you feel they fall on quite the pricey side. The item’s weight is around 30kg. This fully loaded washing machine is the perfect option to be selected if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. Priced at Rs. 16,550 this variant is available only in Moonlight Grey. You can easily get this washing machine on No Cost EMI. 

  • Haier HW70-IM12929CS3 Fully-automatic front load washing machine 

If you feel this model is not under your budget, never worry dig in to know its features and the benefits of the Haier washing machine 7kg. The spin rate speed is about 1200 RPM, which is super cool comparing the other models available in the market. Available in the moonlight grey color, you can get this washing machine for Rs. 32,130. If you do not have hard cash in hand, you can easily get this washing machine on No Cost EMI. 

  • Haier HW70-IM12929CS3 Semi-automatic top load washing machine 

This semi-automatic Haier washing machine 7kg is one perfect model for your small family considering the price you pay for. The best option is to get a washing machine on EMI, which is a no-cost EMI that you can pay off in two or three months. The price of this is around Rs. 12,899 and it is available only in gold color. 

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