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5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Gas Fireplaces

by Zainliaquat
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Opt for Gas Fireplaces

Many people opt for fireplaces either as their primary heat source or to augment their primary heat source. The ability of these heating machines to guarantee functionality and aesthetic appeal is one of the reasons people opt for them.

This means that they do not only have something that will provide the needed warmth; they also add beauty  to the fireplace making it a sight to behold.

But choosing a fireplace is not entirely a straightforward process. This is because there are several types available, and buyers would need to be more specific with their choice.

There are at least four types that we would identify here – Electric, Gas, Ethanol, and Wood. If you would like to know more about the various types, you can check here.

Arguments have been made as to which is best for those in need of fireplaces. The truth is that they all have their highs and lows. One of the secrets of making the right choice is to know the advantages of every one of them.

We cannot discuss the advantages of every type here. This is why we would be more focused on one type.

Let us talk about the advantages of gas fireplaces!

What Is a Gas Fireplace?

This is a heating machine that provides warmth by burning gas as its fuel source. Seeing how its ability to function is tied to gas as its fuel source, there is a need for lines/channels that ensure steady gas is supplied when the machine is in use.

Although gas happens to be the fuel source, electricity is equally needed. This is because the ignition mechanism relies on electric supply. However, this does not qualify it as an electric fireplace because of how it is primarily fueled.

There are at least 3 types of gas fireplaces you can opt for. The options are – Log sets, Built-In, and Insert.

You should know that all of these options have their peculiarities. For instance, an existing fireplace is not needed for built-in products. Also, log sets are the best for those that want low-cost products. You can see Watson’s gas log fireplace for more information about this.

Benefits of Using Gas Fireplaces

Especially when compared to wood fireplaces, some of the benefits of using log sets, inserts, or built-ins for heating your immediate interior space include the following:

1.      Less Work to Do

The ambiance that comes with using wood fireplaces should not be taken for granted. Be that as it may, it takes a lot to use the wood option. This is because you would have to stack, split, haul, and even season logs.

This is enough stress on its own but there is more work to be done. The chimney has to be periodically cleaned, ashes bagged, and a lot more. You would not have to do this with gas fireplaces. This is whether you are working with the log set, insert, or built-in type.

2.      Remote Control Features

The right product would allow users to control this machine remotely. You can do things like – starting the machine, snuffing out fires, and adjusting the temperature using the remote control.

There is even a more exciting remote control feature now. This feature enables the user to operate the machine using apps installed on mobile gadgets. This is the height of convenience as many users would admit.

3.      No Need for a Chimney

Constructing and even maintaining a chimney can be very costly. For instance, you might have to get some sort of regulatory permit before you construct one. But as time-consuming and costly as it is, it is a requirement for wood fireplaces.

Well, it is not the same for gas fireplaces. This is especially for the built-in type that can be installed in spaces without provision for a fireplace. On the other hand, gas fireplaces would also do fine if you have a provision for a fireplace. In other words, you would not be short of options.

4.      More Return on Fuel Use

For the wood option, you would usually get no more than 30 percent of fuel energy back. Fortunately, it is a lot better with gas fireplaces. This is because you get no less than 75 percent of fuel energy back.

It can even be as much as 99 percent. For more on this subject, you can visit:

5.      Specific Temperature Can be Maintained

These machines work with a thermostat. You would be able to control the temperature and maintain a steady one at that with this device. This implies that you would not have to deal with more or less heat that you can handle.

Wrap Up

There are several reasons people opt for gas fireplaces. We have gone over 5 of these reasons and important ones at that. These reasons should be considered carefully so that you would make the choice that best suits you and your household.

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