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5 Advantages of Using Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

5 Advantages of Using Social Media Marketing

According to research from WeAreSocial, social media users in the country have reached around 160 million people. Besides being surprising, this data can certainly be a good opportunity in the world of marketing. That is why many entrepreneurs are now starting to slowly switch to marketing their products through social media marketing.

What is social media marketing? What are the marketing techniques through social media and what are the advantages of using them?

Want to know the explanation of each of these questions? Therefore, immediately read the discussion about marketing on social media as follows.


Definition of Social Media Marketing

In digital marketing, marketing activities for a product or service will involve the use of media in the form of certain platforms, one of which is social media. Examples of social media marketing are of various kinds, including Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, Twitter, and so on. You are free to choose any social media platform according to your interests or abilities.

Important Strategies in Social Media Marketing

Each social media platform has different features. Although different, the marketing concept in social media is almost the same. You simply post content about your product or service, both photos and videos. Next, you can choose a social media marketing strategy, as follows:

  1. Use the plug-in feature available on a WordPress type website. This plugin feature can automatically connect the website with other social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.
  2. Use Facebook Ads if you have the capital to advertise on Facebook. Determine the target consumer for the product to be sold, the ad serving schedule, and the type of ad for promotion.
  3. Meanwhile, make cool posts in the form of photos or promotional videos if you want to sell through Instagram. You can also try using Instagram Ads so that your product can be recognized by many other Instagram users.
  4. Try using a user generated content strategy, namely a consumer who promotes products to other people. This method is usually done by offering a giveaway to followers on condition that they write tags for several other social media accounts.


Advantages in Social Media Marketing

The use of social media marketing as one of the promotional media can actually bring several advantages for those of you who run an online business. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Save Promotion Cost

Did you know that product promotion through social media can be free. To attract many followers, you can post photos and videos regularly and build good communication with your social media account followers. Paid promotions will also be more efficient because you can determine the type of ads for promotion yourself.


  1. Brand Awareness is Increasing

Products promoted through social media will be more easily recognized by many people, especially your account followers. Therefore, posting product content with various versions also needs to be done so that followers will be more interested in your product.


  1. Ease of Communicating with Consumers

When using social media, social media users and followers can freely comment on product content posts on your account. They can also send messages via DM (Direct Message) and communicate via live on social media accounts.


  1. Broader Market Share

Not only easily recognized by many people, the product content that you post can also reach other areas in real time. That way, social media users from various regions and even abroad can see the content of your product.


  1. Can Bring Traffic to the Website

On Instagram social media there is a bio link feature. Take advantage of the bio link to write your website link. That way, your Instagram followers can click on your website link.

The climate of the business world from time to time is always changing. Many companies are now also trying new marketing methods, one of which is social media marketing. For that, start growing your business and try to promote your products on social media. That way, your product can still be known by consumers and not be left behind by other competitors.


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