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3 Ways to Teach sustainability to the students

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Teach sustainability

Importance of learning about about sustainability

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the trees were cut down in one huge sweep? for what resources energy like coal and petroleum came to an end? How will humans manage their life? Will there be cars anymore or will we be able to use energy easily like we do now?

It is these questions that raises the importance of providing students of today with knowledge on how important it is to maintain sustainability and what methods can be undertaken to achieve the same. At the time when the environment around us is deteriorating quickly, it is of utmost importance for educators to ensure that the students are made aware of the ill effects of the environment that are mostly as a result of human activities.

In the last few years through the help of online education there have been several platforms to create and sell online courses on the web which have been completely dedicated towards helping spread the importance of sustainability amidst the students. Moreover, because online education has now become possible for educators to work effectively teaching students about the importance of maintaining sustainability through the help of these online course selling website, thereby allowing them to be exposed to the different modern methods that can be undertaken right from the comfort of their own homes.

Ways to teach sustainability to students

In the given section a list of methods and strategies has been highlighted that can be undertaken by the teachers to educate the students about the importance of learning about sustainability as well as maintaining it in the environment around them.

  1. Educating them about the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: It is important for students to understand that we have limited resources surrounding us and the earth and thereby it is necessary for them to be aware about the difference present between renewable sources of energy and nonrenewable sources of energy. When students are made aware of these terms it becomes possible for them to have that understanding about what are natural resources and how they can be preserved. making them aware about the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle it becomes possible for them to gain a better understanding of which items to throw away and which items to recycle to be used again in daily life. Moreover, it also makes them aware of the importance of packaging and ensures that the packaging has been effectively divided into biodegradable and non biodegradable sources of energy. At this rate it becomes possible for them to manage wastage and thereby become sustainable.
  2. Educating them on saving energy: It is important for students to be made aware of the different sources of energy that are available and how some of them are renewable and some of them are nonrenewable. When students are made aware of the impact energy has on our life it becomes easier for them to ensure that energy is not being wasted. Educators today can easily make the students aware about the importance of preserving energy by undertaking discussion and the classrooms where they talked about the importance of electricity in our lives and how to preserve them. They are also taught about the linkage that is present between electricity and energy and how both are working in close tandem with one another. Teachers can also make use of energy investigation in the classroom so that it can be easily determined how much energy is being used by the school and what kind of sources are the energy being so strong. Such initiatives undertaken by the teachers makes it possible for them to become more knowledgeable as well as aware of maintaining sustainability around them. 

Inspiring students to lead a sustainable life: It is important to understand the maintenance of sustainability starts right from the doorstep of every student. students can be easily inspired to maintain sustainability by informing them about how pollution and other human activities are causing a negative impact on the environment around us. They will also be positively influenced when they are taught about the patterns of change that are evident in the Global systems around the earth and how they are connected to natural resources. When provided with such guidance by the teachers it will be possible for the students to learn about the importance of maintaining sustainability and bring about positive changes to their lives.

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